Copywriter FAQs

Hiring a copywriter often comes with FAQs. So let’s tackle some of the ‘Qs’ you probably want ‘Ad’ before handing over any $$$s.

If I contact you, do I have to hire you?

Nope! Getting in touch comes with no obligation. Telling me a bit about your business and what you need simply gets the conversation going.

You can start the chat by contacting me, or heading to the services page to complete a quick survey relating to the kind of copy you’re after.

I’m not in Australia. Can I still contact you about a writing project?

Absolutely! I have clients in Australia, the UK and America. I really like the idea of adding to that list so I can say, “I’ve gone global!”

What are your rates?

Hiring me can cost as little as $90 (AUD). If it’s a really simple project like:

  • proofreading a 300-word document or
  • writing a 300-word blog where you give me *all* the research

then the price will be low.

Projects requiring lots of brain-power and expertise, because it’s bigger and more complex, will be more than ninety bucks.

In all cases, the fee and statement of work is agreed before work begins so you know exactly what deliverables your getting for what price.

Best drop me a quick message about what you need to get a specific quote.

What happens if I hire you and don’t like the copy?

The chance of you not liking the copy I write for you is as miniscule as the world’s smallest chameleon on a matchstick.

Tiny little chameleon on a matchstick. See, risk = really small. Image from Wikipedia.

I remove this risk by:

  • offering two rounds of edits
  • completing in-depth research before writing
  • holding a proper briefing session with you.

Still unsure? Client testimonials might help or you can contact me with any questions you might have. I’ll be happy to help.

Do you work with digital marketing and content agencies?

I do! Feel free to get in touch. Happy to discuss short-term contracts if you need an extra wordy-person during a busy period. Otherwise, I’m happy to sort out a retainer deal if you think work will be on-going.

Drop me a line and let’s figure out how I can help.

Got a copywriter FAQ I’ve not covered?

Email me with your question and I’ll get onto giving you an answer. (Plus add it to this page!)