Four emails that’ll make your business content better (and save you money…maybe)

October 26, 2018


One message that’s repeatedly shoved down the throat of copywriters is, “start an email list.”

The next message is that, in order to get work, you have to grow that list.

I get it. Of all the marketing techniques, email marketing is still the best lead generator.

Knowing this, you’d think I’d have sorted my own email list when I started my business here in Australia.

But is appears I’m:

  • Crap at organising my own marketing stuff (similar to you, which is why you hire me)
  • Preoccupied with networking to get business and meet clients
  • Determined not to spam people.

Honestly, I’m not making excuses. I just wanted to have the time to put some thought into it so my list and the welcome series you get is half decent and useful to you.

Think I cracked it with the Copywriting Quick Win emails

Now I’ve closed several client jobs here in Oz, I’m at a point where I can identify some common problems that non-professional writers keep coming up against. And I want to help fix those problems, because they’re easily fixable and I know budget for professionally produced content doesn’t grow on trees.

Whether they’re a small business owner or someone positioned within a company, the problems are roughly the same:

a) Whatever they write sounds boring (according to them)
b) They don’t have a lot of time, so the content’s badly structured, full of typos or both
c) So much time passes between the launch of different bits of content that the style and tone is higgledy-piggledy
d) There’s a forgetfulness to put the audience first.

So what to do?

Answer: two birds one stone.

I need to start an email list, and clients need advice that might help them save a buck or several.

So the Copywriting Quick Win series was born. By joining my list folks get four emails full of useful writing tips that improves their business content and (hopefully) keeps professional costs to a minimum. That marketing budget is precious!


And, truth be told, I’d rather give these strategies to anyone who wants to start implementing them if it brings the world a step closer to tackling the problem of really crappy, badly written business content.

Getting the Copywriting Quick Win series

It’s as easy as filling in this box.


Or if you want a bit more detail about what’s actually in the emails, head to this page.

Geez, all that just to announce the news I launched some emails. Excessive much?

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