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May 23, 2017


There aren’t many bonuses to being between jobs, but one of the plus points is the free time it gives me to hunt around on the Internet, finding interesting new blogs to read and podcasts to listen to. Yup, I definitely like geeking out seeing what my peers and fellow copywriters are putting out there. It’s nice to learn a thing or two as you go along.

It was during one of these Internet scour times that I discovered The Copywriter Club, which you may remember me mentioning in a post I wrote about avoiding loneliness as a freelancer. I’ve steadily been working my way through the podcasts, listening to one every few days.

So, the idea for the podcasts is that the hosts – who are copywriters – get a different professional copywriter in each week and interview them. They ask about how they got into the profession, how they get clients, discovered their niche and so on. All of the episodes are super useful, but there is one that really struck a chord with me.

A copywriter? You need to hear this

Although I’ve been a writer since leaving university in 2009 and have a fair few skills under my belt, I’m always eager to hear what other writers have to say about the industry. I don’t think you ever stop learning. And listening to Episode 7 of The Copywriter Club proved that.

It excited me so much that I’ve even had to write a blog about it and share it!

Whether you’re new to copywriting or have been in the game for a long time, listening to pro writer, Jessica Mehring was a real pleasure. Her discussion about the difference between content and copy, and how to discover your niche had me nodding in agreement the whole time.

Listen now to the podcast

You won’t be disappointed by what she has to say. Pour yourself a glass of vino, grab a notebook and enjoy.



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