Overcoming freelancing fears

October 29, 2020


Going freelance isn’t always a straightforward decision. For many of us, we start our freelancing careers feeling like a rabbit in the headlights. We fumble around in the dark wondering if what we’re doing is “the right way” to freelance. Certainly, it’s a way of working that’s often shrouded in myth and uncertainty.

Myth and uncertainty breeds fear.

Overcoming freelancing fears

In this video blog I interview fellow copywriter Sarah Townsend, about freelancing fears and techniques that are as effective as a proton pack when it comes to battling them.

Sarah is the author of Survival Skills for Freelancers and has been working for herself for over 20 years. In this 40-minute interview we talk about:

  • what freelancing was like when Sarah started
  • dealing with the fear of not enough clients or work
  • the terrifying reality of freelancing during a global recession
  • the growth of the freelancing community and how they make the world a less scary place
  • exorcising the imposter syndrome demon.

It was a lot of fun talking to Sarah and voicing some of my own freelancer fears, as well as understanding what more I can do to keep them in check.

Pour yourself a wine or cuppa and enjoy the chat. Want to share your own fears about freelancing or any freelancing horror stories? Leave a comment.

Disclaimer: I’m not a video editor and have no interest in becoming one. For some reason the editing software I used threw the audio and visual out of sync when I exported it. If it bothers you a lot, my advice would be to close your eyes and just listen to it as a podcast instead. Voila! Creative problem-solving.



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