At least for a little while. By and large, most of my writing career to date has seen me write about sex and relationships. It’s been fun, thrilling and certainly orgasmic at times. I’ve met so many fascinating, liberal and completely wonderful people that have let me probe them with my interview questions and pick their brains on all manner of X-rated subjects. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to write many of the articles that feature in my portfolio.

But, after nearly two years writing full-time for Harmony, plus all of the freelance sex writing I did before that, I’ve decided it’s time to take my writing down a different path and move to a more PG rated company. At least for a little while anyway.

So rather than writing about sex toys and bondage dungeons, I’m going to write about the property market and house stuff.

Wait, wait, wait! It won’t be as dull as I just made it sound, because it’s for a new-style of property company. As one sex journo friend put it, I’m simply ‘moving from one semi to another’ which made me laugh more than it probably should have!

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be in-house copywriter here and part of a new team that will work to prove how exciting property news can be…even to people that don’t own a house (yet!).

While it’s sad to be saying goodbye to a subject I found really fascinating, I’m also relishing the idea of challenging my writing skills by swotting up on a completely different topic and delivering readable and engaging copy. Watch this space.