Copywriting for an ecommerce site is relentless. I am now well over half way through the biggest writing project of my career to date, which has seen me turn around thousands and thousands of words every week. *Grabs calculator* Ok, with a quick add up of averages, I’m turning around over 20,000 each week and that’s not including any extra blog writing, editing, press release writing or social media content. Geez, no wonder my fingers feel numb and my forearms are aching by the time Friday rolls around!

The end, however, is in sight and I’m super excited for all of the product content to be present and correct over on Harmony’s website. It’ll be quite an achievement to say that every item on that store has original content, written and overseen by me. Am I feeling smug? Hell yes! There are thousands of products on that store and I’ll be able to say that I created the copy for all of them.

I’ve also learnt a lot during this project and feel that my knowledge and understanding of writing SEO friendly content, but not sacrificing the accessibility of the content for the customer/reader, has come a long way. It’s a fine line to tread when mechanical bots need one thing, but actual humans (who are far more sensible and logical) read in a totally different way that might not always tick the Google Bot boxes. It’s a challenge, but one I definitely think I’m getting better at.

What am I most looking forward to once the copywriting is done? Getting back to being creative! I miss researching features, writing entertaining content and furthering the reach of the brand through social. That’ll be a whole other set of skills I’ll need to re-engage with very soon and I’m chomping at the bit to get there. Not long now though!