Huzzah! The biggest, longest, toughest writing assignment of my career to date is complete. The task was to write original, SEO friendly copy for well over 2,000 new products for Harmony Store (seriously, just pick any product and it’s an 80% chance that’s fresh copy you’re seeing there!). Bar a few odds and ends that are still being tidied up, IT’S FREAKIN’ DONE! And I am so happy about that, because even though I consider myself a pretty inventive and creative writer, there are only so many ways you can discuss the selling points of a personal lubricant.

Since finishing this mammoth project about a month ago, it means that my time has now been freed up considerably to crafting some more creative, fun content for the site. Example: The Harmony Lube Bar. Easily one of the most fun blogs I’ve written for the company as I got to invent heaps of ‘lube cocktails’ (what was that I was saying about only so many ways to write about lube?!).

Lube bar

Also this month, I was contacted by the delightful sex journalist, Alix Fox. Oddly, also about lubricant and condoms. On the hunt for some sex tip features, I pinged her one over and happy to see that it made the final cut in December’s issue of Glamour. A great plug for the brand to round off the year.