Happy Friday everyone! And well done. You’ve made it to the end of another working week, which means two things: of course you’re allowed to treat yourself to lunch/extra biscuits. And it’s totally fine to kill five minutes right before the end of the day to read my best pun picks from this week.

But enough of me enabling your bad habits! Here are this week’s Pun Friday selects from the world of marketing and beyond.

Some mothers do have ’em

It was Mothers Day in Australia last Sunday. My husband and his siblings all sent cards to their mum. One of them sent the card you see below. A clear winner in my opinion. If I was a mother and had multiple children, the one that picked me out this card would get all the treats for the next 12 months. The others would get nothing. Why? Because they need to learn the harsh lesson that the pun always wins. (And I think with that logic I just proved why I’m not a mum yet!).


Time Out London’s subject line

Sometimes Time Out’s punny email subject lines can be a bit tough to swallow. They tried too hard with an aubergine reference the other week (‘This is a stroke of aubergenius’. Groan.) But when they get it right, like they did this week, it’s so very peas-ing!

TO Big Dill

Paperchase newsletter (again)

I’m starting to think that all the Paperchase content team are employed to do is think of outstanding puns for their newsletters. That’s it. They have this dream job of working with beautiful stationary and then getting to write up fabulous one-liners for them. I’m jealous. These two headlines in this week’s newsletter struck a particular chord with me.Paperchase Write OnPaperchase Beach Please

Photobox’s newsletter

A late contender! This has literally just arrived in my inbox. Usually, Photobox’s email subject lines are all about FREE this, and DISCOUNT that, which makes me delete them unless I know I need to get some photos printed right that second and can take advantage of the deal (which does happen). So it’s amazing what difference a bit of pun-shine can make. Actually clicked this email. Cute line that made me smile.

Photobox holiday shine

Next time on Pun Friday…

Not surprisingly, I’ll be showing you some more puns. Hopefully you’ll be as excited about this cliffhanger as I am.

As I only have two eyes and the Internet is a big place, I’m always keen to get suggestions for fabulous puns to include in my Pun Friday posts. Either email me top puns you’ve seen, or you can tweet me, @RoseC_Leic and use the hashtag #PunFriday.

Until next time, stay punny!