There are puns a-plenty this week! Seriously, I had to cut my shortlist down so that it actually stuck to the rules of being a short list. Food and sport seems to be a big theme in this week’s Pun Friday picks. May well tell you a bit about what I’ve been up to. On to the puns…

I don’t like cricket

I love it! That’ll happen when your Dad, brother and husband are all cricketers. Which is why I quite liked the Google Doodle visual pun for the start of the ICC Champions Trophy. Play cricket, as a cricket. FYI my top score so far is 103.

Not so ORIGIN-al

Until I moved to Australia a few months ago, I had no freaking idea what the State of Origin was. After this week I’m well versed on the importance of these rugby league fixtures between Queensland and New South Wales. Big sport games usually offer up a wide playing field of puns, but I was a bit disappointed. I only managed to find this one from gambling company Pretty unoriginal, but still worth a mention for the effort.

Thank cod for these!

Meanwhile, back in the UK the QI Elves have been appreciating the genius of the traditional British fish & chip shop. Open a chippy in Blighty and it’s a necessity to include a fish-based pun in your business name. ‘Thank Cod For Ken’ was the one down the road from me in London. Did I only go there because of the name? Yes! Absolutely. Well, that and because it was batter than all the rest.

Cracking the egg puns

Egg puns are usually reserved for Easter. Once a year for obvious “egg-cellent” puns is generally enoeuf However, one of the Masterchef Australia tasks this week involved eggs. A gift for the show’s social media managers, who didn’t hold back on cracking the egg yokes in this post.


The breast pun yet?

For those of you that don’t know, Bravissimo is a lingerie/bra shop in the UK. Generally speaking their email subject lines are pretty straight-laced and to the point. So how delighted I was to see them dip their, erm, toes, into a bit of pun fun for their latest newsletter. “Uplifted”. From a bra company. Geddit?! Love it. Bravissimo have certainly got my support!
Feel uplifted

Fancy a pun-t on Pun Friday?

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