This week’s Pun Friday is brought to you by the word ‘sweaty’ and the number 37…degrees C, because THAT’S HOW FLIPPIN’ HOT IT IS IN BRISBANE RIGHT NOW!

I’m struggling, folks. Almost to the point where it’s unbearable to be sat in front of my computer. But do you know what’s keeping me going?

That’s right. The puns.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve spotted some excellent quips that were so cool and smoothly done that they *almost* made me forget about the disgusting temperatures outside.

This one’s a sneaker of a pun

Best. Pun. I’ve seen. In yonks! If I handed out Pun Friday awards, this would take first plaice. At first I thought, ‘FFS, really? I look at ONE page of trainers, because I might buy a new pair and already I’m hit with these retargeting ads.’

But then I looked more closely, LOL’d at my screen and thought, damn! There is no way I cod do better.


I whiskey I’d been in on this

Sticking with the food and drink theme for a moment, here’s another Facebook post I stumbled across. This time it’s from Woodstock Kentucky Bourbon. Not one I’d heard of before moving to Oz, but take a look at their FB page when you get chance. They’re putting a fun spin on the whole drinks + food + cooking thing that’s so on trend. This Beef Bourbon-on Pie offering and their ending pun from the video made me chuckle.

Woodstock Bourbon

No, you can’t have a Time Out from food puns…

Ok, I totally didn’t realise when I was putting this week’s Pun Friday together that it was going to be quite so food focussed. But with Time Out bringing puns like this to the table, how could I not include them?!

Holy Shish

Good Thai-dins

Reckon this pun took a lot of skull…

Just to round off, (and so I can attempt to show I haven’t only been thinking about food and booze this week) here’s a final offering from the ever puntastic Paperchase. I feel they really got a-head with this one in their recent email newsletter.

Skull it over

And that concludes the latest Pun Friday!

Honestly, this has been fun. It was worth sitting in front of my laptop and sweating just that little bit longer to share these with you. I’d love to say, “See you again this time next week for more puns,” but honestly, I’m so hectic at the moment that I CAN’T PROMISE YOU THAT.


If you do see any awesome puns you think should be featured then tweet them to me (@RoseC_Leic) or send them in an email to and let’s see if they cut the mustard! (Gotta stop with all this food stuff.)