It’s been a big week. Although the husband and I have emigrated to Australia, we’ve still been very interested in the UK General Election and enjoyed our democratic freedom to vote. As it still feels like home (you can take the girl out of the UK and all that), it felt right to contribute and vote as a British citizen.

Having said all that, I totally dig that a lot of people are sick to the back teeth of reading and hearing about General Election 2017. Soz-like. I know the start of this blog won’t be what you wanted to read…BUT, hopefully the pun picks for this week’s Pun Friday will be a welcome distraction from all the political chat.

There are no political puns in this post.

Partly because I couldn’t find any that I thought were clever enough, or made me laugh in a manic Theresa May style manner.

If you have spotted any brands or companies making a good pun out of GE2017 then tweet me @RoseC_Leic and I’ll add it.

Ok, ok, I’ll stop with the election talk. Here are this week’s puns…

Paperchase and me: we’re on the same page

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a bit of a metal head. A rock chick at heart. So the latest offering from UK stationery company Paperchase made me squeal a little. Their email subject line gave a nod to two of my favourite things: beautiful notebooks and heavy metal music. Fuck yeah! \m/
Page against the machine

The moss puns in one tweet

I’ve wanted to feature Mail Chimp in Pun Friday for a while. They’re a fun company. I like their marketing. But it’s been a bit of a slowly, slowly catchy monkey situation with these guys. However, they finally came up with the pun goods this week with this twitter offering. Punning about moss – an unlichen subject so extra kudos to them!

Longleat creating a feel good buzz

When I was a kid, if I had a sick day from school, I used to love watching Animal Park. This was filmed at UK safari park, Longleat. The land is/was owned by an eccentric Lord…or possibly an Earl? If I sound vague, it’s because I don’t care enough to remember. The show was all about the animals anyway. And they did some good conservation work, and still are judging by this excellent bee inspired hashtag campaign.

Ale in this together

I do like my beer. So couldn’t resist putting this post in from a local brewing company that are looking to name their new pumpkin based ale. Rather than pick a name themselves, 4 Brothers Brewing have asked Facebook and Twitter followers to pull out their best pumpkin puns to name the beer. Their fans have not disappointed. But as the votes continue to come in, the question is: which name will get a-head? (Totally not talking politics.)
Pumpkin beers

Another Pun Friday done

I hope you’ve found some humor in this week’s Pun Friday. As always, if you see something punny during the next seven days, be sure to tweet me @RoseC_Leic, or simply leave a comment here and I’ll pick it up. Until next week pun fans!