If you work in an office then you won’t fail to notice that everyone gets a bit silly by the time Friday rolls around. Even more so by the time Friday afternoon arrives. Or if it isn’t like that in your office, then let me tell you a little story about the last place I worked…

What is Pun Friday?

I worked in a pretty busy office for a start-up company. Every hour, of every day was valuable simply because there was (usually) so much work to get through. But just because we were busy, it didn’t mean we didn’t have fun. And when working in a team of other creatives, that “fun” often manifested itself in the form of (mostly terrible) puns.

Our week would be littered with sometimes bad, sometimes genius, but always funny puns. Until it got to the point that we were punning too much. And so, in an attempt to try and keep a lid on our punny on-liners, the phrase ‘Pun Friday’ was coined within the office. Friday was the day for letting our hair down a bit more and enjoying some no-holds-barred punning.

It was both ridiclious and beautiful. Even though I no longer work in that office, I’d still like to pay homage to Pun Friday by rounding up the best puns I’ve seen throughout the week. Also, what kind of writer doesn’t love a good pun?

The best puns this week

So without further ado, here are my picks for the best puns I’ve seen or heard this week…

Masterchef Australia’s Twitter account

Whoever is running the @MasterChefAU twitter feed should be given a medal for their punning this week. There were two pun GEMS served up in the space of five minutes. Check these out:

Paperchase’s newsletter

Context: this email was promoting Paperchase’s lovely notebook designs. The ‘Prints Charming’ headline in particular made me chuckle.
Paperchase Prints Charming

Adventure Travel Mag on Twitter

I’m not usually one for self-promo, but I was especially pleased with this pun I made in response to Adventure Travel Magazine sharing an image of a cat travel book.

Seen something punny?

Don’t let a great pun go to waste! If you spot a good’un then tweet me @RoseC_Leic and use #PunFriday. I’d love to see your top pun picks!