Great. Now we’ve got the biggest pun of the year out of the way, let’s see what others have crossed the Internet galaxy and onto my computer screen this week.

You’ve gotta sing it

The Aldi copy chiefs delivered a belter this week. So channel your inner karaoke star and on one…two…three…

Did you love it? Did you get it? Because interestingly, there was a very short Twitter discussion amongst a few marketers as to whether everyone would catch on.

Personally, I think karaoke has a lot to answer for. Let me know in the comments below what you think of this one.

As it’s Star Wars day…

It seems appropriate to include a company local to me, who have some wicked punny names for their products.

Brisbane based Geeky Sex Toys specialise in making sex toys inspired by geeky things. Really, their company name tells you all you need to know. What makes them so relevant today? Well, their Darth Vibrator of course!


Darth Vibrator, “Cum to the dark side.”

I’m also very much enjoying the names of some of their other pop culture-inspired ranges, like ‘Game of Moans’ and ‘PokeMOAN’. Really though, their ‘Batt plug’ butt plug takes the win.

Is this picture perfect, or what?!

I’m going to round up this week’s Pun Friday with something that’s not a pun. But it’s too good. Not sharing it would mean you miss one of the best marketing things on the internet this week. Spotted and photographed by designer, Alex Vissaridis (@vizzee), the synergy of these bus stop ads is just beautiful.

“I’ll never turn to the dark side”

But sometimes it’s fun when marketers and writers do turn to the dark side and pluck up the balls to stick a pun in their copy.

Ain’t no bad thing.

Seen any awesome puns in advertising or marketing copy that you think should get a mention in the next Pun Friday? Tweet them to me using the hashtag #punfriday, comment below with a link, or mail them to

Until next time, happy punning!

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