“We hired Rose to help us with our website copy. As a dental practice, we wanted our copy to look professional, but also when dentists write about dental topics it’s very easy to get too jargony and long winded. So we needed Rose to help us make dental topics understandable and interesting.

The outcome of working with Rose is a website that looks professional and includes content that I think people will actually read, understand and get something out of.

During our collaboration I loved being able to send her my mish-mash of words and receiving it back reworked into something that made sense and sounded great. I also think that without Rose, we would be nowhere near as close to finishing the website as we are now. We’ve appreciated her pushing us along and giving us deadlines (even though we are terrible at keeping them), and liaising with the developers.

I found the whole experience to be great! Having never worked with a copywriter before, I had no idea the difference it could make to the end product. With that said, I would recommend Rose to businesses who need copy that stands out, that’s not boring or run of the mill.”

Header photo by rawpixel on Unsplash