When asked to write the website content for a new online digital agency, you know you’re going to need to be on your A-game. These are folks that know SEO. They understand that  well written content influences a site’s performance. So when I was asked to create the content for new PPC and digital agency, Illuminate Digital, I jumped at the chance to really put my words to work.

The brief was to highlight the agency’s new work-model (that they work on site with companies to get a business) – but to also make the content and explanation of services accessible to even the least digitally savvy business owners. Oh, and to make it sound exciting at the same time too.

Illuminate Digital homepage1

Trying to explain the joys of PPC, or the complexities of re-marketing to an audience that potentially has little digital marketing knowledge, was a huge challenge. Luckily, I had a long-lead deadline. Very useful considering I needed to do my research on each service, break down the key points, write it and then rewrite it to simplify it further. Plus get it checked off that it was still factually correct.

All in all the project took about a month to get the content for the whole site completed and signed off. I’m really pleased with the results. And Jo, the founder of the company, very kindly left a testimonial.