Slowly, slowly, catch the monkey’, isn’t that the saying? It’s certainly been like that in March with a lot of long-term writing projects taking the lead this month. For example, the organisation and promotion of an upcoming art exhibition, which has been the first event of it’s kind that I’ve ever taken on a PR type roll for.

‘Far From Grey’ is a display of work by erotic artist and photographer, Robert Babylon and will be shown in Harmony Store (99a Charing Cross Road, London, WC2 0DP) from Monday 31st March. He’s one of my favourite erotic artists and has agreed to do a ‘meet the artist’ evening on Thursday April 3rd from 5pm. If you’re in the city, a fan of Robert’s work, or simply curious, then stop by.

far-from-grey-web-ad-hz_700Elsewhere on the web, my name has cropped up in a co-authored piece for Condom Monologues which focuses on the confusing re-branding of a latex-free condom. Thanks to Lara for doing most of the leg-work with this feature!

When it comes to print there have been a few exciting developments. The first is that I may have cut my first break in the Australian market. Having been contacted by a new magazine that is launching on 1st April, I approved inclusion of a review I originally wrote for Cliterati. Am still waiting for confirmation it’s definitely being used, or a PDF, but here’s hoping it’s the start of a fantastic new working relationship. More details to follow when it’s a bit more set in stone.

This month also saw me try out a new feature for Escort magazine. After writing for them for the best part of a year and a half, we thought it was about time one of my regular features – True Blue – which interviewed sex workers and those that worked around the sex industry, was put to bed (for lack of a better term) . In it’s place is a light-hearted travel feature, looking at sexy destinations in the UK’s towns and city’s. The first installment will appear in Escort 34.5 and took a peek at Brighton – easily Britain’s sauciest sea-side resort!