There’s been one big, huge, fabulous thing that happened in April: I was published in a magazine in Australia. A new launch, titled Synergy, it’s a trade magazine for the erotic industry Down Under and they requested to re-print one of my reviews (see page 40) originally written for Cliterati. I think it’s always a writer’s dream (at least it’s one for me, certainly) to have something published internationally; to be read by an audience away from your home turf, so that’s why this felt like such a big deal and I hope it’s the start of an ongoing working relationship.

Back on British shores I received the latest copy of Escort with my new travel feature (ahem) printed. Looks good and there isn’t too much nudity on the page, so I’ll aim to get a PDF and update the portfolio page in the coming days. While on the subject of sex and adult related themes, I have been doing some work with a new sex toy manufacturer called Doxy. If you’ve not heard of them yet, then watch this space as they are going to be BIG (the product itself isn’t exactly small) so I was very pleased when I was asked to do some copywriting for their site and type up a press release.

Away from the adult content, I’ve been doing some work for a great new indie craft shop due to open in Brixton called The Turpentine (@the_turpentine), which is a name I hope to see popping up in the London press soon. That about rounds up April in a neat bow. Am expecting HUGE news to bring you in May, so check back at the end of next month. Until then, please continue to check out my blog Straight Out Of Crompton for broader musings on all things media, sex and wider writing related.