Everyone has blue days. The important thing is knowing how to boost your self esteem when freelancing, so you can turn those low-points into something more positive.

Picking yourself up and finding the motivation to keep on working isn’t always easy. Especially when you’re working alone, because you’re missing that colleague to bounce ideas off. Or that manager to give you a knowing-nod that you’re doing a great job. But even if you’re working freelance, there are things you can do to boost your self esteem when freelancing.

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How to be a confident freelancer

When I feel the tentacles of self-doubt start to suck away my confidence, I try one of the following tactics to pick myself up and reaffirm that I am actually a good writer. Perhaps one of them will work for you too?

Testimonials are important

Not just because they can lead to more business, but because they’re testament to how freakin’ awesome you are at your job! There’s no shame in re-reading some of the lovely words previous clients have said about your freelance work and using that as a self esteem boost.

Don’t have any testimonials? Then it’s about time you created a schmoozy email to send out to former, or current, customers. Ask them very nicely if they’ll write a sentence or two about you. Add them to your LinkedIn, or website and indulge your ego!

Revisit your favourite project

Every creative has their favourite project. A real stand-out piece of portfolio-worthy work that’s a perfect example of how the sun really can shine out of their arse. When your self esteem is a little low, pull out that project. Take a little time looking at it and remembering how it all came together. Then know that you can totally make that happen again, because you made that and you really are that awesome.


Take a social media break

The Internet is great isn’t it? It’s simply fabulous for checking in on how all your high school/college/uni mates are doing in their careers and then giving you the chance to consider your achievements in comparison.

Feel like you fall short? Yeah, you’re not alone. Social media is to self esteem, what fruit is to chocolate: a total kill-joy. So, if possible, take some time off social. A day, a weekend, a week or longer if you can. Give yourself a break from comparing yourself to others. Let your confidence in your own life and achievements grow, then log back into FaceTweet with a fresh perspective.

Set some realistic goals

If your confidence has taken a knock because you feel like you’re not making any progress with work or a project — maybe you’ve got a lot going on and it’s all getting pretty overwhelming — then stop. Re-evaluate how much you’re biting off. Make a list of achievable goals and tasks that you absolutely know 100% you’ll be able to complete. Then get on with them.

You’ll be amazed how ticking off tasks like this will boost the confidence you have in your skills, because you can easily see how much you’ve achieved. Go you! Totally knew you could do it.

When all else fails…

Eat cake. Not that I’m an advocate for trying to fill a confidence void with unhealthy snacks, but treating yourself to a slice of your favourite cake is at least worth a shot for a short-term fix.

Choc cake

Know another way to boos self esteem at work?

These are just a few suggestions that I know work for me when I’m freelancing and need an ego boost. I’m sure there are heaps more, so I’d be keen to hear how you up the confidence levels when they’re feeling a little low. Leave me a comment and I’ll put them up for others to make use of.