Hello frustrated, over-worked business owner. Reached that point where you’re fed up of looking at a blank page, trying to figure out where the eff can you find blog ideas to inspire your post this week?

You’re here because all of the articles you’ve read about upping traffic to your website (or possibly advice you’ve been given by your marketing company) tells you that YOU MUST WRITE BLOGS. OFTEN! But really, you’re not a writer, have no genuine interest in writing and blogging, and so you put it off, and off, and off, and off…

And oh crap. It’s six months later and the lead article on your blog is about an industry trend that’s well-past its heyday.

Let’s have a cathartic release, on three. One…two…three:



There, doesn’t that feel better? And now we’ve established your true feelings about blogging and content marketing, lets figure out how we can fix it.

Where to find blog ideas

Easily the question I get asked THE. MOST by clients. And I dig it. Until you know where to look and how to figure out your blogging strategy, trying to find this info on a whim is time consuming.

I recently wrote a whole article about how to Get on a Blog Roll for Synergy mag and if you’ve got about six minutes, give it a read. Otherwise, here’s my top 3 bite-sized tips on how to find great blog post ideas.

#1 –  Write about what you know

These are your ‘How To…’ guides that let you show off the knowledge you have relating to your industry and products. They’re blogs that answer the questions people put into Google that start with, ‘How do I…?’, ‘What is the/a [keyword]?’, or ‘[keyword] for XYZ’.

I like to think of this type of content as your chance to be an awesome sales assistant. It’s the information and helpful guidance a sales assistant would give out to customers in a bricks and mortar company, or customer help line.

So go through your site and consider your more complex products or services and think, ‘If stood in front of me, would a customer ask me how to use that? Or how does this work?’ If they would then put that info in a blog post, so it’s easy for your customers to find.

#2 – Use Google

You know when you type something into the search bar in Google and it tries to predict what you’re going to type? Well, those suggestions aren’t totally random. They’re top questions that regularly get popped into Google, making them an SEO blog topic gold mine!

Take one of your keywords and start typing it into Google, then see what other text suggestions come up. These are the questions your audience are likely to be asking about your products/services, so grab them and turn them into blog posts.

Next, pick one question and complete the search. As an example, I’ve put in ‘Where to find blog ideas’ and hit return.

When I do, and scroll to the bottom of the first Google page, I get this:


We’re onto another winner folks! These are all semantic search suggestions – so, slightly different ways people have been searching for topics similar to what you’re after – and are great at giving you extra blog topic ideas.

Write down the ones that are relevant, or click them and see where it leads you next. You could keep going for hours and it’s a super easy way to fill up your content calendar.

#3 – Listen to your customers

This is one of my favourite ways to find ideas for blog topics, because these ideas come direct from the people you’re trying to attract to your business/bog.


Listen to your customers by jumping onto social media and forums relative to your industry and spend an hour or two a month reading through their comments. Look closely at what questions they’re asking, any problems they’re facing relating to products you stock or issues with services offered within your industry.

Provide the answers they’re looking for by writing about it in a blog post. Once it’s live, promote that blog within the social media groups or forums where you originally got the idea to let them know you’re an expert with an answer to their problem.

And there you have it! Three easy ways to find great blog topics, so you never have to stare at a blank page again!

Rather get help from a professional blog writer?

If you feel like you’ve tried everything and are at your wits end when it comes to blogging, then you should drop me a line. I LOVE blogging and have packages to suit every business and budget.


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