Time’s running out, but I’ve got a plan

June 1, 2021


Cast your mind back to Christmas last year…

Specifically, Monday 14th December, 2020.

What did you get up to that day?

Maybe some last-minute gift shopping? A Zoom Christmas party, perhaps? Or it could have been lockdown life and business as usual. (It was, after all, a Monday.)

For me, it was an effing weird day.

Without getting awkwardly into TMI territory, I was a few days late. And just FYI, this never happens.

So I did what I had to do.

And by 5:30pm on Monday 14th December, 2020, I found out I was up the duff.

With child.
Had a bun in the oven.
Properly, undoubtedly, preggo.

My reaction and emotions went from smiles and laughter to manic grinning and feelings of sheer terror.

Later, friends and family reassured me this was all “completely natural” when finding out that you’re gonna be a first-time mum.

As the dust started to settle, I was able to get my head together enough to think a very important thought that went like this…

 “Oh shit! I have a business. With actual clients. And more people wanting to be my clients. What the feck do I do?”

Imagine this being gabbled at a million miles an hour, complete with a rabbit-in-the-head-lights fear in my eyes and you’re getting a vibe for where I was at.

Thankfully, as the dust started to settle (again) I was able to get my head together enough to begin answering that question. And that brings us to now.

For the last few months I’ve been quietly working on my plan for world domination to prepare my business for maternity leave.

In my quest to get my shiz together, fellow business owners have kindly shared advice, answered my questions, and pointed me in the direction of some great resources (such as this episode of Doing It For the Kids. Thanks Steve Folland). Now, I feel ready and comfortable to share not just this head-spinning news with you. But also, my fingers-crossed-I-hope-this-works plan for the upcoming months.

So what’s the plan?

Between now and August

I’m not taking on any new clients or projects. I’m at 100% capacity with existing customers and projects that I can’t take on anyone else. Fear not if you were hoping to work with me in the coming months. My plan includes details on how we handle this.

Between August and November

I’ll be on maternity leave working out how to look after a small human. All of my regular clients will be happily beavering away on their copy projects with the help of some fantastic writers I’m handing them over to. If you contact me during this time, you’ll get an auto response email saying I’m on mat leave.

December and beyond

The current plan is that I return to my regular client work at the start of December. My hope is that I’ll begin taking on new projects and clients again from Jan/Feb 2022.

Hopefully you agree this all sounds great and very logical

But it’s not much use to you if you need copy RIGHT. FRICKING. NOW!

I agree.

So please let me point you in the direction of:

A) The Clever Copywriting School job board. Post your job here for free and get copywriters with the skills and availability you need, come to you. Saves you some leg work, aye.

B) The ProCopywriters directory. There are nearly 1,000 UK-based copywriters listed here. Search by skill, specialism and region.

Your perfect writer is out there.

Willing to wait for me?
Thank you. That means a hell of a lot.

I’m starting a priority contact list for new clients like yourself. If you want to be on that list, simply send me an email telling me you’re keen to work on a future project together, and I’ll be in touch early next year. You then get first dibs on my availability.

Right, I’m off to make a cuppa, prep the nursery.





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