Picking music to write words too

November 30, 2014


The last two months of work has been a solid slog of product copywriting for Harmony Store. When I say ‘solid’, I really do mean it as it’s literally what I sit and do for seven hours straight, because there’s so much change afoot.

To try and stave off the mind-numbing repetitiveness of the job and to keep me focused, I’ve been experimenting with different music and sounds to ensure my concentration levels don’t veer too far off course. It’s funny, because I used to be unable to write with music on in the background and instead needed total silence to focus. Unless I had the Spaced soundtrack on. That, for some reason, was the only music that kept me upbeat and eyes forward on the job in hand.

With this project though, this never ending list of copy, I’ve been mixing up the music in an attempt to get me through and it’s interesting to note some patterns emerging. For example, on Monday and Tuesday (sometimes Wednesday’s too) it’ll be all about classical tunes or I use Noisli – a background noise website that’s meant to boost productivity when you press the right buttons. By the afternoon and later in the week I’ve been known to stream everything from Drum & Bass (liquid and hardcore) to gypsy swing and jazz to keep my energy up.

Although the genres are all so different, the consistent element is that they’re all instrumental. I still can’t listen to music with lyrics and then write or edit. That’s why the radio is always a failure for me. If you find me listening to the radio and I claim to be writing, then you can be sure I’m lying.

Anyway, back to it and this afternoon I think I will listen to…*clicks on YouTube*…this.



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