Sooo, apparently even when you give up your freelance commissions it’s still not possible to find much time to do anything when you have a new job that has never existed before and you need to start everything from scratch! That’s right, I have a new, full time, fully employed new job. My official title?

Harmony Social Media, Email Marketing and Public Relations Manager and Copywriter.

Try and squeeze all of that onto a business card! It’s going well though. I’m just over a month in and I think there might be light at the end of the tunnel in terms of wading through all of the initial set up stuff that will enable me to do my job properly. It’ll be an ongoing project though, but one that I hope I can really put my own stamp on.

That’s pretty much where I’ve been for the last little while, doing that and winding up my other deadlines and features. Just as I was closing up shop though, Glamour magazine got in touch and asked me to put a little something for them together. I’ll write more about that next month as it’ll appear in the November edition of the magazine. Typical though isn’t it? Just when you think you’ve made a career decision to start a new job, along comes one of the UK’s top selling women’s mags, asking you to write a feature.

I was flattered.

I’d like to emphasise though, that while I’m full-time for Harmony, I am still more than happy to consider other commissions from magazines and if I can fit it in with my working schedule (which at the moment also consists of completing my Copywriting Diploma and organising my wedding), then I’ll happily write for you. Even better if I can write for you and get a plug for the Harmony website in there too. Just get in touch by emailing me still.

That wraps it up for now, but will be in touch again next month. Cheers!