It’s been a blink and you’ll miss it month this February. Fortunately for me I’ve had so much work on that there hasn’t been much time to blink. On the contrary, my eyes have been wide open, staring at my computer screen constantly for 28 days resulting in suitably dry eyes.

A lot of my time has been spent working on the upcoming website for Harmony. There’s a lot of content and copy for me to complete, but there has been time for some fun brand and product placement stuff too, like this Women’s Health feature that I helped suggest products for and provide some copy. A great success in terms of PR coverage for the brand. Developments in recent days means there are a couple of super exciting projects coming up that I’m helping them with and hope to share news on soon.

Elsewhere, I’ve been adding to my tomboy blog series and I’ve started developing my first book. Very early stages, but watch this space. My event listing suggestions are still appearing on The City Planter each week and am currently developing new feature ideas and angles for some of my more regular print columns. It’s been a month of re-evaluation and product development, rather than endless publishing opportunities for me.