Haven’t. Had. Time. To. Stop and. Catch my….breath, for the last couple of months until now. May was mental. There is no other way to put it. The ‘HUGE news’ I eluded to in April happened: the relaunch of Harmonystore.co.uk, which is a company and website I’ve been copywriting for and preparing blog content for, for the last 18 months (or longer!). It’s been such a mammoth task and it isn’t even completely finished yet. When they said the site was finally technically ready to go live in May, it meant all hands on deck to ensure links were going through to the right places, correct images were where they should be and that content copy was as good and as nearly done as it could be, considering I was a bit of a one man band for a long time in that area. Phew! All of that, coupled with my regular freelance commitments meant there was very little time to do much else: no work on my book, no blog updates.

Working for Harmony is super exciting though and so far, so good. The content I’ve provided has been very well received and early indications on social media in June show it’s getting the customer’s attention. The work for Harmony has had another positive effect too, as it’s spurred me on to sign up to complete a diploma in copywriting. Although I have a 2.1 BA Hons degree in Writing For Media, the uni course covered a lot of news journalism, feature writing and learning how to write for film. I’d now like to grow my skillset and focus on market based writing and get a good grounding in that too. I’ve already had some exciting copywriting commissions, so am confident this is an area of writing I can only get better at (does that sound too cocky?!).

Other great news is that issue 2 of Synergy magazine is due out soon(ish) and for the next issue they have asked to include two of my reviews. Super good. Anyway, that’s been the last two months in a nutshell and it seems things are moving forward nicely. Until next month!