#Write52: Quitting my habit of overthinking

August 14, 2019


I may have just done something really bloody stupid.

I’ve just signed up to take part in a year-long writing project. It’s a commitment to posting one piece of content to my site every week for the next year.

I know! I know!

I can hear your sharp intake of breath and sceptical mutterings. Yes, I realise it’s a big undertaking.

So big, in fact, that when the copywriter I’m sort of mentoring but not really because we’re not using the ‘M’ word, told me she was aiming to post on her blog once a week, I had my reservations.

“Yeah one a week is a lot,” I said. “Creating content is about quality over quantity, anyway,” I said. Sure enough, she found that writing a blog a week was hard

This is why my goal this year is posting once a month. So far, that’s been comfortable.

But now here I am doing the exact thing I advised against.


If there’s any logic to my madness, it’s this: what’s the point in always being comfortable?

So how has this happened?

Copywriter and all-round top chap Ed Callow kicked off the #Write52 project and we got chatting about it on Twitter. He was so positive about the effects it was already having for him that I couldn’t resist.

Having read the origins of #Write52 and contributions from those already involved, I can see the benefits.


Don’t overthink. Just do

One of my biggest weaknesses — which I’m not afraid to admit — is that I overthink things. When it comes to client work this is alright because it means folks get my absolute best.

When it comes to getting my own business writing done, overthinking is a pain in my arse.

I faff with planning and prep. Even though I know done is better than perfect I’m not always good at putting that into practise.

Other times, I pick client work over spending 30-60 minutes doing something for me. Partly because I know I’ll fixate on the copy and half an hour becomes half a day.

That’s not always feasible.

I’m taking up the #Write52 challenge because I want to break my overthinking habit.

This doesn’t mean churning out irrelevant copy, but it does mean getting better at getting on with it. I’ve got a stack of article ideas that I know will benefit my business once written.

More importantly, the information in these articles will be useful to my clients and potential clients.

Ideas sat on Trello cards in my ‘to-do’ list are no use to anyone. And that’s where many of them have been for the last two years.

It’s time to change that.

So, what’s my plan?

Right now, I have no flipping idea.

I agreed to this on my walk home after grabbing a coffee. But being in the deep end is where I’m happiest. Throughout my career I’ve managed to swim more than I’ve sunk.

This makes me confident that something will work out.

Plus, I know I’m going into this with a group of equally mad passionate writers.

I’m excited about the opportunity to work on accountability with a great group of fellow creatives.

I’m buzzing that I’ll get to read and share their work.

I’m interested in how this extra writing and reading will improve my skills and practices.

So really


One week down. Fifty-one to go.

Help me out with #Write52

Part of my motivation for doing this is making sure I create more of the content that’s useful to you. 

So, have you got something you want me to write about? 

Whether you’re a client reader or a fellow freelancer, I’d love to use part of Write52 to tackle the copywriting, marketing and general writing questions and topics you want to read about.

So go for it! Hit me up with questions you have on copywriting, content marketing, writing for the adult industry, working for myself, or what it’s like being a metal music fan who’s into cricket and living in Australia.


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