A quick reflection on a decade of work (and a good excuse for cake!)

On 7 July 2009 I started working for Scarlet magazine. My official job title was editorial assistant and I was over the moon to be working as a writer and in full time, paid employment.

Working at the magazine taught me a lot of on-the-job skills you can’t get by studying the media in university lectures. And it gave me the opportunity to put lessons and skills I had learnt into practise.

Over the years my pitching and commissioning skills improved. I became a stronger writer (practise makes better). I worked hard refining my interviewing and research skills. And I embraced opportunities that threw me in at the deep end, because that’s the best way to learn.

Through Scarlet I also made friendships and work connections that have lasted to this day.

Work mates and colleagues - fist bump

Turns out Scarlet was just the start of my writing career. Despite plenty of occasions when my bank balance would have been happier if I did something else, I stuck with it. Somehow I’ve carved a career out of writing.

It’s now 10 years since I got my first paid writing job at Scarlet. A lot has changed since then.

I write a lot more for digital than print. I’ve learnt a different set of skills to become a content marketer and copywriter. And I’m even running my own business.

It’s not always been easy. But I’m happy. And it feels good to have reached 10 years doing a job I enjoy.

So my husband and I thought this milestone deserved a mini celebration. He very kindly baked me a delicious cake (complete with candles!) to mark the event.

 Rose Crompton 10 year mini celebration


Without getting soppy, thank you…

Whether you’ve been a colleague, a mentor, a teacher, a client, a line manager, or supported me with encouraging words when imposter syndrome has been on my back (aka, a mate!) cheers for helping me out.

Without you folks I wouldn’t have a clue. Wouldn’t have a job. And probably would be stuck doing something crappy.

OK, that’s as sentimental as I’m getting. Here’s to another 10 years of writing, learning and working with (and for) great people.


Cheers! Here's to another 10 years of writing fun. 

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