2018 Copywriting project round up

January 8, 2019


Sorry. I blinked. And 2018 came, did its thing and then was over.

What the hell happened?

One minute I was busy beavering away on client work. The next, I was getting messages saying “Merry Christmas! I’m off for the holidays.”

In an attempt to wrap 2018 up in a neat metaphorical bow that’s much tidier than my actual ability to tie bows, I thought I’d go a run through of some of this year’s project highlights.

Asahi Direct launches

I landed Asahi Premium Beverages fairly quickly when I arrived in Australia. Most of the copywriting work for their new B2B customer portal completed in 2017, but the site was polished and ready to go in 2018.

It was really exciting working with such a large company and getting to collaborate with an array of project managers, designers and developers. Getting a fuss-free, easy-to-navigate process in place for getting copy written and edited was essential on a project with so many moving parts. My organisational skills were definitely put to the test and I’m glad to say, in the most part, worked a treat.

The result was a slick website with all messaging hitting the same tone.

Get the lowdown on the project.

Keeping it sexy with Synergy

Some of my adult industry work trailed off in 2018, but I was lucky enough to get a couple more articles featured in the adult industry B2B publication, Synergy.

In Issue 19 July/August, I penned Attention Seekers and Brisbane. Home to some good vibes. Both features gave me the chance to get out from behind my home office desk. On my adventures, I met with and spoke to some of Australia’s leading and emerging adult retailers.

It was truly enlightening and gave me a chance to meet some wonderful people in the industry.

Read them here.

On the case for Euroworkspace

A new client for me in 2018, UK-based company Euroworkspace. This futuristic office furniture company commissioned two longer blog articles for their News section. The aim was to create some engaging SEO content.

Before starting, I knew very little about the world of modern office design. There are so many bells and whistles workplaces come with these days, ensuring employee comfort.

(Not that I’m bagging my home office. OK, maybe I am. A little.)

Researching the articles about smart offices and the liveable office trend, was fascinating.

The given 1,500 word limit was a blessing, becauase there was plenty of fascinating facts, tangents and rabbit holes I could have happily kept writing about. This opportunity really was a writing highlight of my 2018.

You can read about that project here and, I’m happy to say, the client was so pleased they commissioned me to write three more, shorter articles. Bonus.

Need blogs? Then you should head here.

There’s no place like Home Synchronize

It seems new clients are like busses, because about the same time Euroworkspace got in touch, so did the founder of Home Synchronize.

Working with this brand presented a bit of a milestone for me, because it meant landing my first American client.

Finally! I could say I’d gone global. Kinda.

Lama runs an online business specialising in Arabic stencils used by artists, crafters and bakers.

Her industry was certainly very different to any I’d previously written for. Writing some of her website copy and getting the chance to tell her about story was an assignment I really enjoyed. For both her shop site and her blog site.

We established a great working relationship which, I hope, will lead to more collaborations and opportunities to write for her in the future.

Here’s what Lama had to say about working with me.

Open wide and say, “AHHH! IT’S FINALLY LIVE!” 


Every win is huge to me and I always feel proud when I see copy I’ve provided put to work. I try to share that moment with as many people as possible. It’s usually my husband who gets the brunt of it. No matter how small the achievement.

But this next project news was the big flippin one. The one that takes all the

And the

Not to mention the

All this was, of course, to celebrate the launch of the Keppel Dental website.

These folks were my first ever paying client in Australia. They signed up with me when I arrived in April 2017.

Worth pointing out, I’d didn’t own a desk or a laptop at that stage!

Turns out, providing copy was just the tip of the iceberg. As time went on, we delved into:

  • a whole site redesign, 
  • additional pages, 
  • further copy tweaks
  • template making
  • a couple of social media posts and
  • even dipped our toes into email marketing. 

Then, on an otherwise uneventful day (Wednesday 26th November, to be precise — now a red letter day for me), I got a text from the business owner saying: “The site is live.”

Such a great feeling and what a way to cap off the year.

There’s more to come

November and December were pretty quiet months for me. There were a couple more projects with new and existing clients that came through. Some are ongoing, so hopefully I’ll be able to update portfolio pages with those in the near future.

So far January (all one week of it!) has got off to a positive start. There are two new clients on the horizon and I’ve set some pretty interesting business goals which could see me writing for some very different industries.

Here’s to a successful 2019

There’s really only one thing left to say.


I hope however you spent the festive break, you enjoy a bit of downtime and did something you love.

And roll on 2019! Here’s to a healthy, happy year — both in your business, and personally.



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