Quality articles for your business' blog

Blog articles are great. Done well, a blog article will:

  • Show your audience that you know what you’re talking about
  • Include research, information and quotes suitable for use on other media channels
  • Keep your site timely and relevant.

Put like that, it’s easy to understand why businesses across the world and of all sizes keep investing time and marketing budget into blogging. But those who see the best results from this type of content marketing understand one very important thing.

Posting and sharing blog articles means you understand how to help your customers, provide value and develop an ongoing conversation.

With a gatrillion business tasks on your to-do list, higher-priorities take over. The enthusiasm for business blogging dwindles until it’s nothing more than a sad, decrepit has-been part of your site that you resent because it’s festering and out of date. On top of that, it becomes a bounce-rate risk. If you can’t even update the blog, what’s the rest of the service going to be like?

Keep your blog as fresh as a daisy

Let my inner journo off the leash and hire an experienced blog writer who loves the whole blogging process — from planning to writing, through to editing.

Sorry to interrupt…

But before you end up knee-deep in my website there’s something you need to know.

I’m actually on maternity leave at the moment. This means I’m not taking any new client bookings and I’m not checking my work email.

My current plan is to be out of the office until 6th December 2021.

Want to be the first to hear when I’m back and snaffle up a booking for your project?

Happy clients say the nicest things…

Since beginning to work with Rose the traffic to our website has gone up past our goals.

She is professional and knowledgeable. Nothing has stumped her. Her communication is very precise. The detailed research that goes into every one of the blogs really shows. The copy she sends us clean and ready to post.

Rose has been a true game-changer for our company.

Peter Frigeri

President, Gaia Flowers

“I’d recommend Rose to businesses who need well researched, informed blog posts with a little bit more character than your average SEO copywriting.”

Charlotte Porter

Marketing Manager, Euroworkspace

What bang do you get for your buck?

Clients get the following from me, without question.


100% original

Plagiarism will never be a concern.

Well researched

That are factually accurate, use reliable sources and are referenced correctly.

Organic SEO

Keyword optimised, using phrases people are typing into Google.


Answers questions

That your audience is asking, putting their needs first.


Prompts engagement

A well-considered call to action that’s relevant to your business.

Hire me as your blog writer and you’ll also get

  • 20-minute briefing call
  • SEO blog article (right title tags, relavant keywords)
  • Meta data
  • Stats, facts and research taken care of
  • Links to relevant authority sites
  • Image suggestions
  • 5 social media snippets per blog
  • 2 free rounds of tweaks
  • 1 free professional edit and polish. 

Ready for fresh content?

There are two ways I can get articles on your business blog.

Need longer or shorter articles?

Sometimes blogs only need to be 300 words. Other times the subject they’re explaining can be 2,000+ words.

Get a bespoke package and price for your blog writing needs.

Happy clients say the nicest things…

“Rose has a great ability to write for the consumer. I could count on her to provide appealing content that engaged the reader, but didn’t sacrifice the priorities of the business.”

Eliza Allen

Former Head of Marketing at easyProperty

Meet Rose Crompton

Content marketer, copywriter and published journalist

Wait? What?

Hiya, I’m Rose and yep, I’ve written for B2C and B2B magazines in the UK and Australia. Crafting blog features and articles for companies is my favourite sort of content marketing. Having a journalistic background and inquisitive nature is why I always go the extra mile. Whether writing for print or digital consumer press, or a businesses’ blog, I always use integrity and accuracy, upholding standards I believe all writing should meet.

Nodding because you feel the same?