Quality articles for your business blog

Blog articles are great. Done well, a blog:

  • keeps your site timely and relevant
  • shows your audience that you know what you’re talking about
  • includes research, information and quotes suitable for use on other media channels.

Put like that, it’s easy to understand why businesses of all shapes and sizes invest in their blog. But those who see the best results from this type of content marketing understand one very important thing.

Blogs are there to help your customers. They assist with sales by answering customer questions and laying their hesitations to rest. Blogs are not the place to hard sell. 

The problem with blogging is that it’s time consuming. On average, a blog takes me five hours to research, write, edit and polish. And I do this week in, week out.

So for you, someone who already has a gatrillion business tasks on your to-do list, higher-priorities take over. It’s no wonder your enthusiasm for business blogging dwindles until that part of your site becomes a sad, decrepit and neglected marketing tool that you resent. Worse still, your blog becomes a bounce-rate risk. If you can’t even update the blog, what’s the rest of the service going to be like?

Keep your blog as fresh as a daisy

Let my inner journo off the leash and hire an experienced blog writer who loves the whole blogging process — from planning to writing, through to editing.

What bang do you get for your buck?

Clients get the following from me, without question.


100% original

Plagiarism will never be a concern.

Well researched

Articles are factually accurate, quote reliable sources and are referenced correctly.

Organic SEO

Keyword optimised, using phrases that your audience is typing into Google.


Answers questions

That your audience is asking, putting their needs first.


Prompts engagement

A well-considered call to action that’s relevant to your business.

Hire me as your blog writer and you’ll enjoy a service that includes

  • 60-90 minute briefing call so I can get to know you business and the type of articles you want
  • A fully optimised article that includes title tags and relevant keywords
  • Meta data for search engine results pages
  • Stats, facts and research taken care of
  • Links to relevant articles within your blogs or reliable source sites
  • Image, layout and pull quote suggestions to help with readability
  • 3 social media snippets per blog
  • The start of your Tone of Voice and House Style Guide
  • 2 free rounds of feedback and tweaks
  • All blogs professionally edited and polished. 

Meet Rose Crompton

Content marketer, copywriter and published journalist

Wait? What?

Hiya, I’m Rose and yep, I’ve written for B2C and B2B magazines in the UK and Australia. Crafting blog features and articles for companies is my favourite sort of content marketing. Having a journalistic background and inquisitive nature is why I always go the extra mile. Whether writing for print or digital consumer press, or a businesses’ blog, I always use integrity and accuracy, upholding standards I believe all writing should meet.

 Making it happen

Working with a blog writer isn’t an every-day occurrence. And as Radiohead once sang, “No surprises, please.” With this in mind, here’s what to expect from first email to project sign off.

Step 1: Pick your service, complete the form

Pick which package you want, click the button and you’ll be asked 11 short questions. Your answers are emailed to me, which leads to…

Step 2: Get my email, book a call

I’ll drop you an email confirming whether I can take your project on. The email includes a link to my schedule so you can book a 10-minute discovery call. 

Step 3: Discovery call, positive vibes

Usually done on Zoom this is your chance to tell me more about your project, my chance to ask any questions so I can put together your quote and statement of work, and our chance to work out if we’re a good fit.

Step 4: Statement of Work (SoW), first payment

The SoW and quote are emailed to you within 72 hours of our discovery call. It outlines project scope, includes my T&Cs and is our contract. It clearly states all deliverables and timelines for the project and payments. Moving to the next step means signing and returning the SoW and making the 50% payment of the project cost.

Step 5: 20-30 minute briefing session, setting up our workspace

Now you’re officially my client, the fun begins. You’ll get links to our shared work space on Google Drive and videos explaining the writing/feedback process. I’ll also invite you to book your briefing call where we chat about your company, your audience, current blog and blogs you like or loathe.

Step 6: Pitching ideas, your thoughts

I’ll pull together blog article ideas suitable for your audience, that work towards your overall blogging goals, and take SEO into consideration. A rough outline is created for each idea and then I’ll pitch them to you. Give me the green light for the ones you like, or we can revise and tweak any ideas you’re not so sure of.  

Step 7: First drafts, your feedback

With briefs in place for each blog article, I’ll start writing. First drafts are delivered by the deadline agreed in the SoW. You then have time to read, review and let me know of any changes. (Don’t worry, I’m thick-skinned and this is your copy.)

Step 8: Second draft, tweaks

Edits are done, second draft created, sent to you and then sent to my editor. Why do I send your copy to an editor if I’m a professional writer? Because after weeks working on an article, my eyes can become blind to errors. My editor is there for a final polish, making sure nothing slips through that shouldn’t. I’ll implement his tweaks, then send you the final draft.

Step 9: Sign off, final payment

With one last nod from you, the copy is finished. 🥳 The final invoice is sent and as soon as you’ve paid it, the blogs are all yours and ready to publish as and when you want.

Step 9.1: Review request

A week after project end I’ll send one last message asking for feedback and a review. These are a big help to my business and other business owners who, like you, want to improve their blog copy.

What my blogs can do


Gaia Flowers

How blogging once a month increased revenue by 186%


SEO blog for a sex shop

How one blog generated 10k extra impressions and an 8.3% CTR


Ultimate Guide

How an ultimate guide article for a wedding company went from 0 to 24 leads in one month


Harmony Store

How optimised blogs took readership from 189 to 2,751 per month

A taste of what I’m like to work with

“We got the dozen blogs package to have our blogs ready for the year ahead and it was a great time saving experience for us.

Rose made the process super easy, coming up with interesting blog ideas we would never have thought of ourselves, and Rose has a great way of making dentistry sound fun.


Since beginning to work with Rose the traffic to our website has gone up past our goals.

She is professional and knowledgeable. Nothing has stumped her. Her communication is very precise. The detailed research that goes into every one of the blogs really shows. The copy she sends us clean and ready to post.


Our client wanted an in-depth guide with optimised keywords for SEO and that’s exactly what we got. The content was delivered in record time and to a high standard. We needed an experienced writer to produce content that would not only engage, but convert.

Responsive, enthusiastic and an utter to pleasure to work with. If you’re not sure where to start with your content marketing efforts, I’d recommend getting in touch with Rose!


The entire process was very thorough and thoughtful, and very simply on mind end which was great. She asked excellent questions about our business and customers to get a better understanding of content and voice and it paid off. I had very few comments back on the blog articles she wrote for our website. We are very pleased with the quality of her work.


Rose has been so easy to work with — she consistently delivers projects on time (or earlier), meets every brief, and her content is always well researched and polished. She has a knack for adding just the right dose of personality and humour to bring a piece of content to life.”


Time poor, I wanted an experienced copywriter who understood what I needed. The copy was well written, but more importantly for my needs, it was well researched. I was able to share with the audience without any further changes.

Rose was great to work with. A true copywriting professional. I found the whole experience refreshing.


Ready for fresh content?

On Repeat

$736 per article

Building on the solid work we’ve already done, the On Repeat service is reserved for clients who have completed The Half Dozen or The Dozen and want to keep working with me.

Articles are offered in batches of 3, 6 or 12, and includes:

  • 800-2,000 word articles optimised for search
  • 45-60 minute briefing session to clarify the blog topics
  • detailed pitches written for your approval
  • ongoing management and updates to your Tone of Voice and House Style Guide
  • 3 social media snippets per blog
  • 2 rounds of amends per blog
  • a professional edit and polish for every article.

Once we’ve finished your first Dozen or Half Dozen service, I’ll drop you a line to see if you’d like to continue and be moved onto my On Repeat service. (So far, 100% of clients who started working with me on 6 or 12 blogs, have kept me on as their writer.)

Need longer or shorter articles?

Sometimes blogs only need to be 300 words. Other times the subject they’re explaining can be 2,000+ words.

Get a bespoke package and price for your blog writing needs.