For small business owners and fellow freelancers

How’s your website refresh going? Hit a bit of a wall trying to write the words? I hear ya.

As a website content writer, small business folk and fellow freelancers get in touch with me when they’re “over it.” I’m guessing you’re realising that writing website content isn’t a quick job. Writing copy you feel even a little bit proud of is proving impossible. 

Save your valuable business time and your precious post-work downtime.

Rather than painfully carving out copy you’re not convinced sounds like you, work with a website content writer who wants you to sound effing awesome. (Because you effing are!)

Effective website content is more than nice-sounding sentences

It has to work hard for your business. Good copy will:

  • Attract the right customers
    It reassures people they’re in the right place and get them excited about your business.
  • Tickle Google’s fancy
    So you show up in search when those right customers are looking for a business like yours.
  • Get conversions
    By nudging people towards doing the thing you want them to do. There’s no point to any of this is that never happens.
  • Fill you with pride
    You love your business. You’re proud of what you do. Having website copy that “gets you” is important.

I want you to have all of this.

And I’m the kind of website content writer who goes out of her way to make sure you get it.

Meet Rose Crompton

Content marketer, copywriter and heavy metal fan

Wait? What?

Hiya, I’m Rose and yes, I usually write to a soundtrack of loud and rowdy music. This keeps my fingers tapping and mind focussed. The end result is engaging, personality-driven copy that explains why people should get what they need from you, rather than anyone else.

A taste of what I’m like to work with

“She was prompt, friendly, encouraging and very clear in all of her advice.”


“Responsive, enthusiastic and an utter pleasure to work with.”


“Super creative, easy to understand, inspiring and very professional.”


“Highly recommend Rose if you have a head jammed with ideas but need an expert to help you unjumble them.”


“She’s easy to talk to, punctual, and highly professional, and she genuinely cares about her clients and colleagues. Her passion is tangible.”


“Rose adapts to each job, taking into consideration who it’s being written for, why, and where it will be placed.”


“She has a knack for adding just the right dose of personality and humour to bring a piece of content to life.”


“Her copy is well thought out and she’s able to articulate why she’s made the decisions she has.”


A smattering of my website content work


Asahi Direct

Website copywriting and tone of voice work for B2B customer site.


Keppel Dental

Website copy that helps patients meet the dentists.


Compass Digital

Copy for a US-based digital marketing agency.


Doxy Massager

UK adult company wanting an about page.

Website content packages


Feeling extra competitive?

Bolt on keyword research and mapping.

I work with an amazing SEO expert based in America. Together, we’ve:

  • tempted over 1,000 new people in a month to click and read content we’ve worked on (organic, non-paid)
  • shifted pages from nowhere on Google to page one of Google
  • increased conversions by 169%.

You can read more about some of those successes on my portfolio, but if you’ve got big plans to grow your site with extra pages and blogs as you try to complete Google (😉) this add on service is for you.

For AUD$787 you get:

  • thorough keyword research, taken care of by a professional
  • a long list of the right keywords your business should target in the near future
  • the beginnings of your keyword map — know which keyword every page and blog should target.

Fancy it? Check the box on the package form to add it to your service.

Making it happen

Working with a website content writer and overhauling your copy isn’t an every-day occurrence. And as Radiohead once sang, “No surprises, please.” With this in mind, here’s what to expect from first email to project sign off.

Step 1: Pick your service, complete the form

Pick which package you want, click the button and you’ll be asked 11 short questions. Your answers are emailed to me, which leads to…

Step 2: Get my email, book a call

I’ll drop you an email confirming whether I can take your project on. The email includes a link to my schedule so you can book your 20-minute discovery call.

Step 3: Discovery call, positive vibes

Usually done on Zoom this 20-minute call is your chance to tell me more about your project, my chance to ask any questions so I can put together your quote and statement of work, and our chance to work out if we’re a good fit.

Step 4: Statement of Work (SoW), first payment

The SoW and quote are emailed to you within 72 hours of our discovery call. It outlines project scope, includes my T&Cs and is our contract. It clearly states all deliverables and timelines for the project and payments. Moving to the next step means signing and returning the SoW and making the 50% payment of the project cost.

Step 5: Big briefing session, setting up our workspace

Now you’re officially my client, the fun begins. You’ll get links to our shared work space on Google Drive and videos explaining the writing/feedback process. I’ll also invite you to book your 60-90 minute briefing call where we chat about all things you, your company and your audience, copy you love and copy you hate.

Step 6: First drafts, your feedback

First drafts are delivered by the deadline agreed in the SoW. You then have time to read, review and let me know of any changes. (Don’t worry, I’m thick-skinned and this is your copy.)

Step 7: Second draft, tweaks

Edits are done, second draft created, sent to you and then sent to my editor. Why do I send your copy to an editor if I’m a professional writer? Because after weeks working on a page, my eyes can become blind to errors. My editor is there for a final polish, making sure nothing slips through that shouldn’t. I’ll implement their tweaks, then send you the final draft.

Step 8: Sign off, final payment

With one last nod from you, the copy is finished. 🥳 The final invoice is sent and as soon as you’ve paid it, the copy is all yours and ready to publish.

Step 8.1: Review request

A week after project end I’ll send one last message asking for feedback and a review. These are a big help to my business and other business owners who, like you, want to improve their website copy.

Happy clients say nice things

The whole experience was easy and strangely exciting

I hired Rose to help with website copy for my business. I was struggling with avoiding clichés, telling a story without waffling, and simply feeling happy with what I’d written. Before Rose I’d re write my copy every 2 months! I was always unhappy with it!

The outcome of working with Rose has been a blessed relief and a website that bizarrely finally sounds like me. What I liked best about working with Rose was her research into my brand, my personality and my natural vocabulary.

The whole experience was easy and strangely exciting to finally have words that reflect who I am.

I’d recommend Rose to businesses who want to stand out and sound like ‘you’ in an industry full of people who all sound like each other.

Kio Jones

Independent Escort

A weight has been lifted off my shoulders

I was struggling with coming up with content ideas that were worthy of being written. I was struggling with my voice. I was struggling with general direction and clarity on my website. And then I found Rose.

Rose has taken the time to really get to know me, my business, my dreams, my voice, my desires… Truly she’s been amazing. She can put what I think into words so perfectly and with so much clarity. I just feel a sense of ease now. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have left a professional to handle my copy and content and it’s allowed me to do other things in my business that I’m actually good at!

McKenzi Taylor

Founder, Owner, Photographer, Cactus Collective Weddings

Instrumental in supporting the organisation

Rose has been instrumental in supporting the organisation’s communication strategy. From the provision of personal biographies to fine-tuning of the company’s internal and external messaging, Rose has been a keen driver of this transformation.

With a bubbly personality and ‘can do’ attitude it has been a pleasure having her as part of the team. Thank you Rose! 

Stephen Richards

Sales Director, Equate Technologies

I wish I’d found Rose sooner… I’d have saved thousands.

I hired Rose to help with my website,, because she’s overall quality. Such a fluid, natural flow working with her. Purely authentic persona, so easy to relate and connect with.

The content on my previous website was far from representative of me. I was also struggling with the cost of my previous writer. I wish I would’ve found Rose first. She would’ve gotten my voice right from the start and saved me thousands.

Working with Rose has been a joy and resulted in profitable gains. I’d recommend Rose to businesses or individuals who choose integrity, professionalism (deadlines, communication, contracts etc), and flare to stand out among the rest.

Reighna Charles

Independent Escort

The best thing I could have done

I hired Rose to help with all of my website copy. As a small business, I know having copy that’s the best it can be is important for connecting with potential clients and for SEO (the nature of my own business). And I have to say, it was the best thing I could have done.

In terms of working with Rose, she is awesome. She’s a real person who cares about the work being done and the person it’s being done for.

I now have awesome copy that reflects my brand and what I can provide for my clients. The whole experience was so smooth — the workflow was utterly easy considering how many pages and deliverables were in the pack I purchased. Very impressive!

Barb Davids

Owner, Compass Digital Strategies

I had never worked with a copywriter before – should have started years ago!

Rose helped us with website copy, copy editing and social media. With Rose on board, I quickly saw the impact of her writing style on the content we were producing. She has a talent for creating a friendly and approachable tone consistently, across all our content. Our bounce rate and session duration instantly improved and clients started to explore our site further.

One thing I liked about working with Rose is that she made the whole process fun and enjoyable. She is a great listener and asks the right questions to find out what makes us different. As a result, I found the whole experience a lot easier than I had expected.

Luke Christensen

Dentist & Director, Keppel Dental

Honest advice that’s good for my business

Rose asked for ‘one thing’ I liked about working with her, but there’s certainly more than one!

She’s organised in her thought process, which reflects in the way she delivers work. She takes the time to offer clear and detailed answers to my questions. I also like that Rose gives honest advice that’s good for my business and not only to please me. Finally, I feel that she’s genuine and truly cares about growing my business.

Lama Zibdeh

Founder & CEO, Home Synchronize

Rose took the stress out of writing

When I started my own PPC agency I needed help with the content for my business website – I’m not a writer. Rose took the stress out of this for me by writing and editing my website copy.

She even managed to make something that’s typically quite boring and technical, sound fun and interesting. Through her writing she managed to capture the personality and tone of voice that I wanted to create.

Jo Phipps

Managing Director, Illuminate Digital

Working with Rose has been incredibly successful

I hired Rose to help with my website copy as I was struggling to find the right words to professionally convey myself and to reach my desired target market.

The outcome of working with Rose has been incredibly successful. What I loved about working with Rose was her down-to-earth personality, which made the whole experience amazing! 

I’d recommend Rose to businesses who need professional copywriting that eloquently articulates your business’s needs.


Independent Companion

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