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Fallen out of love with your escort advert, website, or fan page? Don’t know how to freshen up the copy?
Then book one of my free copywriting services.

Get your copy proofread or reviewed by an industry-friendly copywriter

Put my 10 years of journalism and copywriting experience to good use. Ask me to review your ad or a page from your website and I’ll send fresh ideas specific to your adult business.

Plus, I’ll share copywriting tips that encourage people to do the thing you want them to do, such as contact, book, buy, download or sign up.

All I need from you are a few details about what I’m reviewing and your email address so I can drop you a line once I’ve looked at the copy.

Choose your service

How this works

  1. Choose the service you want and answer a few quick questions that help me get to know you.
  2. You’ll get an email from me confirming I’ve got your request and when you can expect to get your review from me.
  3. I’ll do the work and when it’s completed…
  4. For a profile review you’ll get a short video of me going through your copy, along with some notes to support what I discuss in the video. For proofreading you’ll get a link to a Google Doc where I track the changes made to your copy.
  5. We’re all done. The ideas and copy are yours to do whatever you want with.


Truth time

The full Ts and Cs are at the bottom of this page, but the main thing I want to make clear is this: I can’t guarantee that my ideas and suggestions will get results.

Loads of factors influence how well copy works. Design, page layout, audience research, algorithms, how a page is promoted all play their part. During a regular project, I usually have some control over these. In this case I don’t.

So what’s the point if I can’t guarantee results?

Outside perspective is useful. Especially when you are your business. Having an experienced writer cast an eye over your copy will help you see things that you can’t. As a freelancer running my own business, I know how helpful this can be.

With these services, I’m looking to help you improve what you’ve already got. All suggestions are offered respectfully, free from judgement, and with friendly encouragement. So please, whatever your style, kink, or niche you can approach with confidence.

Just like these folks did.

Rose is a professional copywriter offering free profile reviews for sex workers. Her review of my ad was very insightful, and full of good ideas and practical suggestions. Highly recommend!

Sex Worker

I asked Rose to help me freshen up and improve the writing on my website and I’m so impressed with all her advice! Super creative, easy to understand, inspiring and very professional! I highly recommend her! Thank you Rose!
Alexandra Parker


She is a great professional who understood exactly what I was asking for from the beginning. Thank you Rose, you’re highly recommended.
Lena Cristina


Rose’s service was impeccable. Her suggestions gave me the ability to communicate to my client base exactly what my brand is about! Thank you!
Viv V


Who am I?

And why am doing this?

I’m Rose and, as you may have gathered, I’m a writer. I’ve contributed to various publications from Cosmopolitan to Paul Raymond magazines, and have managed the online content for adult pleasure product businesses. Throughout my career, I’ve interviewed, worked with and got to know lots of folks in the sex industry. Get the full story here.


Since 2017 I’ve been running my content marketing and copywriting business from my home here in Brisbane, Australia. I launched these two free services in 2020. They were my response to the pandemic. Social distancing and lockdown laws transformed how many businesses functioned. I saw lots of my freelance and small business friend — both in and out of adult — lose work, and their income go to zip-zero. It was heartbreaking. And I lost work too but managed to keep some clients and retain some income.


While that remained the case, I decided to open up the extra time I had due to lost work, to helping others. Specifically, sex workers who are often overlooked as freelancers but I knew were struggling just as much as any other freelancer. 

Even though lockdowns and restrictions have eased in many parts of the world, the feedback I got was that these services were really helpfully. So I’ve decided I’ll keep running them. But I’ve had to make one tweak so I can balance the reviews with my ongoing paid client work.

Currently, I’m only able to offer five of these services each month. Now accepting submissions.

Here’s the offer again


1. How quickly will I get my review or proofreading back?

When you book in, I’ll let you know which date for that month I’m able to complete all of the reviews.

2. Is it really free?

Yup. I want to help. Us freelance folk have to stick together. If you want to help me in return then I’ll flick you details in an email, but because I’m not expecting anything, I’d rather not include that info on this page.

3. What if I don’t like what you’ve suggested?

I’ll be sorry to hear that, but I’m doing what I can with limited time and knowledge about you and your business. For context, I usually have 90-minute briefing sessions with clients to get to know them. Use the advice, don’t use it. Your call. I’m trying to help and this has cost you nothing.

4. If there’s something I don’t understand in your feedback, can I email and ask for more details?

Of course. I’ll do my best to keep it as clear and concise as possible, but if there’s something confusing, ask away. You’ll also find loads of advice about writing copy in my blog.

5. Is this service open to businesses not in the adult industry?

For now, it’s not. I’d really like to help the adult industry, which is so often overlooked. I really appreciate your understanding on this and the offer may change in the future.

If you’re after a deal, then take a look at The Tasting Paddle. It’s for fellow freelancers and small businesses.

6. Can I hire you for something other than these free services?

Abso-bloody-lutely. Head to my services page and pick what you need.

Terms and conditions for free services

1. By using or attempting to use either of the promotional services (Profile Review or Proofreading) you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions.

2. Only the service labelled ‘Profile review’ and ‘Proofreading’ on this page are offered for free. No other service on this website is being offered free of charge at this time.

3. This offer is currently available until further notice.

4. Rose reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any time without prior notice. (These are uncertain times, just in case.)

5. The same piece of copy in its original form can’t be submitted for both of the services. You can, however, apply for a profile review, rewrite it yourself, and then re-submit it for proofreading.

6. The services detailed on this page are not valid for cash or cash equivalent.

7. To be eligible for this offer you must be an independent sex worker or adult industry business.

8. By submitting copy for review or to be proofread you guarantee that any elements of text, graphics, photos, images, designs, trademarks provided to Rose are either owned by you (the sender) or the sender has permission from the original copyright owner to submit them for review.

9. While every effort is made to avoid errors, it can’t always be guaranteed. Rose is not liable to anyone who applies for this service, or any third party, for damages, including lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages arising as a result of this offer.

10. Rose reserves the right to decline to proofread or complete a profile review. Reasons may include (but are not limited to) not enough copy from the sender to complete the task; copy that’s so poorly written it doesn’t make any sense (even with my powers of deduction); it references something illegal.

11. Deadline dates are given for each individual request, but you agree that this date is flexible and that Rose has the right to move this deadline if needed. (Sometimes life gets in the way. Please be understanding and patient with me.)

12. There are no multiple revisions for either the proofreading or profile review offer. You will receive either one video with tips (profile review) or one document with copy edits (proofreading). There are no redrafts or second rounds.