How to hire this copywriter

Here's how to hire me as your copywriter and how your project is managed

Free Nice To Meet you call for all new clients

Easy payment options

Project deadlines and deliverables given


Edits and amends welcome

Whether you’re ordering The Tasting Paddle or a multi-page website, all of my services follow a similar step-by-step process. This means we don’t miss anything as we turn your ideas of the copy you want, into copy that’s ready to go live.

Here’s how it happens.

Step 1: Choose your service, complete the form

Websites and blogs are my specialty, but you can see all of the services I offer right here. There are then two or three different package options within each service. Choose which one best fits with what you need, click the button and complete the questionnaire.

Your answers are emailed to me, which leads to…

Step 2: Get my email, book a call

I’ll email you confirming whether I can take your project on and give you a ballpark date of when I’ll be able to schedule you in. If the timeline is acceptable to you, use the booking link in the email to schedule your free 20-minute discovery call. A meeting link is automatically generated and emailed to you, so hold onto it.

Step 3: Discover call, positive vibes

The 20-minute discovery call is on Zoom. On the call I’ll ask you about your project and what you have in mind for your copy. It’s also your chance to ask me any questions and for us to work out if we’re a good fit.

If you’re project doesn’t fit neatly with one of my packages, I’ll put together a project-specific sales proposal. This will clearly outline the cost for your specific project and the deliverables you can expect from me.

Step 4: Statement of Work (SoW), first payment

The SoW and quote are emailed to you within 72 hours of our discovery call. It outlines:

  • the project scope
  • all deliverables you can expect from me
  • the project timeline
  • invoice details and payment due dates
  • my terms and conditions, including payment terms (50% upfront, 50% on project completion).

The SoW is our contract. Getting your project officially booked into my calendar means signing and returning the SoW and making the first 50% project cost payment.

Step 5: The big briefing session, setting up our workspace

Now you’re officially my client, the fun begins. You’ll get links to our shared work space on Google Drive and videos explaining the writing/feedback process. I’ll also invite you to book your briefing call.

Depending on the package you’re booking, the big briefing session lasts anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes. During this Zoom call we chat about all things you, your company, your audience, copy you love and copy you hate.

Step 6: First drafts, your feedback

First drafts are delivered by the deadline agreed in the SoW. You then have time to read, review and let me know of any changes. (Don’t worry, I’m thick-skinned and this is your copy.)

Step 7: Second draft, tweaks

Edits are done, second draft created, sent to you and then sent to my editor. Why do I send your copy to an editor if I’m a professional writer? Because after working on a page, my eyes can become blind to errors. My editor is there for a final polish, making sure nothing slips through that shouldn’t. I’ll implement their tweaks, then send you the final draft.

Step 8: Sign off, final payment

With one last nod from you, the copy is finished.  The final invoice is sent and as soon as you’ve paid it, the copy is all yours and ready to publish.

Step 8.1: Review request

A week after project end, I’ll send one last message asking for feedback and a review. These are a big help to my business and other business owners who, like you, want to improve their website copy.

A taste of what I’m like to work with

“She was prompt, friendly, encouraging and very clear in all of her advice.”


“Responsive, enthusiastic and an utter pleasure to work with.”


“She’s overall quality. Such a fluid, natural flow working with her.”


“Highly recommend Rose if you have a head jammed with ideas but need an expert to help you unjumble them.”


“Businesses who are thinking of hiring Rose should just do it. She’s a delight at every turn.”


The entire process was very thorough and thoughtful, and very simply on mind end which was great.


Rose has a great step-by-step process to get you to where you want to be.


“Her copy is well thought out and she’s able to articulate why she’s made the decisions she has.”


Useful need to knows

  • I have several payment options including bank transfer, Wise and PayPal. Stripe card payments coming soon.
  • My current opening hours are Mondays-Wednesdays, 9am to 3pm AEST. (That’s Brisbane, Australia time.)
  • I’m easy to collaborate with. If you need me to team up with a designer, other writers, an SEO strategist or another team member who’s working on your project, then no problem.
  • Services come with editing and redrafting time included. Never worked with a copywriter before? No problem, I’ll offer help and tips so you get the copy you want, but also the copy you’re paying for.

Reckon you want to hire this copywriter?