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When you’re looking for a copywriter, testimonials help you find the best writer for your project. If you’re thinking of hiring me for your website, blog or email writing, please take a few moments to check out what past and present clients have said about working with me. This is your chance to get a sense of whether we could be a match.

We have been using Rose’s services as a copywriter for our Dental Practice for some time now, most recently we got the dozen blogs package to have our blogs ready for the year ahead and it was a great time saving experience for us.

Rose made the process super easy, coming up with interesting blog ideas we would never have thought of ourselves, and Rose has a great way of making dentistry sound fun. I’m pretty time poor so having a batch of blogs to review all at once instead of one by one made the process much more efficient, and the best bit is knowing that all our blogs for the year are ready to go.

Lyndsey Browne

Dentist, Keppel Dental

Rose and I recently collaborated on a copywriting project, and I must say, she was an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s easy to talk to, punctual, and highly professional, and she genuinely cares about her clients and colleagues. Her passion is tangible.

If ever I had the opportunity to recommend another copywriter, Rose would be at the very top of my list.

Thanks again, Rose.

Nick Petrou


I hired Rose to help with website copy for my business. I was struggling with avoiding clichés, telling a story without waffling, and simply feeling happy with what I’d written. Before Rose I’d re write my copy every 2 months! I was always unhappy with it!

The outcome of working with Rose has been a blessed relief and a website that bizarrely finally sounds like me. What I liked best about working with Rose was her research into my brand, my personality and my natural vocabulary.

The whole experience was easy and strangely exciting to finally have words that reflect who I am.

I’d recommend Rose to businesses who want to stand out and sound like ‘you’ in an industry full of people who all sound like each other.

Kio Jones

Independent Escort

I hired Rose to help with my website, reighnacharles.com, because she’s overall quality. Such a fluid, natural flow working with her. Purely authentic persona, so easy to relate and connect with.

The content on my previous website was far from representative of me. I was also struggling with the cost of my previous writer. I wish I would’ve found Rose first. She would’ve gotten my voice right from the start and saved me thousands.

Working with Rose has been a joy and resulted in profitable gains. I’d recommend Rose to businesses or individuals who choose integrity, professionalism (deadlines, communication, contracts etc), and flare to stand out among the rest.

Reighna Charles

Independent Escort

I hired Rose to help with my website copy as I was struggling to find the right words to professionally convey myself and to reach my desired target market.

The outcome of working with Rose has been incredibly successful. What I loved about working with Rose was her down-to-earth personality, which made the whole experience amazing! 

I’d recommend Rose to businesses who need professional copywriting that eloquently articulates your business’s needs.


Independent Companion

I booked Rose’s Tasting Paddle service and used it to get the about page written for my website. Trying to write it myself was proving difficult due to a lack of time and too much procrastinating that what I was writing wasn’t good enough. It was taking too long and I wanted to appear professional.

My site is yet to launch so haven’t got stats on how well the copy Rose wrote is performing, but I was very happy with the product. One thing I enjoyed about working with Rose is that she seemed to really care about the project and brought a lot of personality and fun to it. The whole experience was easy, relaxed, informative and educational.

I’d recommend Rose to businesses who need copy with wit and personality.


Independent Escort

Working with Rose has been a breath of fresh air. I had very specific requirements and she completely fulfilled them and more, and in doing so she has raised the bar for my future expectations for any contractors I work with.

I particularly appreciated her diligence around communication, and her digital organisation skills.

I recommend working with Rose to anyone who just wants the job to simple get done, and wants to feel the task is in capable hands. Thanks so much Rose!

Valerie August

Independent Escort

Since beginning to work with Rose the traffic to our website has gone up past our goals.

She is professional and knowledgeable. Nothing has stumped her. Her communication is very precise. The detailed research that goes into every one of the blogs really shows. The copy she sends us clean and ready to post.

Rose has been a true game-changer for our company.

Peter Frigeri

President, Gaia Flowers

I hired Rose to help with my website copy because I was struggling with conveying my true personality through writing.

The outcome of working with Rose has been amazing. What I liked best about working with Rose was she truly got to know who I was and was able to show that through her writing.

She is extremely professional yet non-judgmental and easy to open up to. The whole experience was thorough but not time consuming and actually fun!

I’d recommend Rose to businesses and individuals who need website copy or blogs that really showcase who they are.



We are a website and app build/design firm. Recently we hired Rose for a website project. This was the first time we had used Rose and it was so amazing, it won’t be the last!

The process flow was easy. Her way with words was amazing and her beautiful jovial way made the whole copy process (one I don’t usually enjoy) a joy. If you need copy for anything, then engage Rose, you will be thankful you did.

Steve Begg

CEO, App Building Solutions

I am so happy I chose Rose to review my copy for my ad in an industry that is subject to judgement and stigma! She was fun, funny, fast and responsive, but more than that, her expert eyes helped me see things that I couldn’t, taking my copy to the next level! It was well worth it! Thank you so much Rose!

Amanda N


Rose helped me with content creation for EZ Air Park – an offsite airport parking service in Minneapolis, MN, USA. The entire process was very thorough and thoughtful, and very simply on mind end which was great. She asked excellent questions about our business and customers to get a better understanding of content and voice and it paid off. I had very few comments back on the blog articles she wrote for our website. We are very pleased with the quality of her work.

Melanie Burns

Director of Marketing, EZ Air Park

I asked Rose to take a look over my copy, and help to guide me on SEO, branding and content creation as I work on my new website. It’s been so helpful getting advice from a second pair of expert eyes! She was prompt, friendly, encouraging and very clear in all of her advice. I now feel extra motivated as I am armed with her excellent insights, and her service was excellent value so I’d definitely love to work with her again in future – and if possible I would also love to commission her to write some content for me. Thanks so much Rose!

Chloe Marshall

Rose was bang on the money with our content writing brief! Our client wanted an in-depth guide with optimised keywords for SEO and that’s exactly what we got.

The content was delivered in record time and to a high standard. We needed an experienced writer to produce content that would not only engage, but convert. The client was over the moon with the end result so we will definitely be using her again.

Responsive, enthusiastic and an utter to pleasure to work with. If you’re not sure where to start with your content marketing efforts, I’d recommend getting in touch with Rose!

Yacine Khouzami

Digital Content Strategist, Dejan Marketing

I hired Rose to help with my website copy, email marketing, and overall writing guidance and direction. As a business owner, I can sometimes get caught up in the nitty gritty of my business and forget that people can do things so much better than I can haha.

I was struggling with coming up with content ideas that were worthy of being written. I was struggling with my voice. I was struggling with general direction and clarity on my website. And then I found Rose.

Rose has taken the time to really get to know me, my business, my dreams, my voice, my desires… truly she’s been amazing. She can put what I think into words so perfectly and with so much clarity. I just feel a sense of ease now. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have left a professional to handle my copy and content and it’s allowed me to really do other things in my business that I’m actually good at!

I’d recommend Rose to businesses who need more time, who want to grow their business and focus on the parts of their business they are actually good at!

McKenzi Taylor

Founder, Owner, Photographer, Cactus Collective Weddings

She is a great professional who understood exactly what I was asking for from the beginning. Thank you Rose, you’re highly recommended.

Lena Cristina


Rose is a professional copywriter offering free profile reviews for sex workers. Her review of my ad was very insightful, and full of good ideas and practical suggestions. Highly recommend!


Sex Worker


That’s a fair bit of trumpet blowing.

Confident I could be the right writer for you? Then you’re ready for the next step.

Rose’s service was impeccable. Her suggestions gave me the ability to communicate to my client base exactly what my brand is about! Thank you!

Viv V


Rose was hired to help us with copy for our About page. SAABI have been busy establishing our ecommerce website and needed help with a consistent voice, tone and polish. The outcome of working with Rose is that SAABI have been able to, with guidance from Rose, relay to our audience the brand message with character and flair.   

Rose is able to command with confidence her amazing word-smithing talents to achieve outcome-driven copy whatever the need, be it whimsical, cheeky or assertive. The whole experience was confidence inspiring and I would recommend businesses who are thinking of hiring Rose to just do it. She’s a delight at every turn.



I asked Rose to help me freshen up and improve the writing on my website and I’m so impressed with all her advice! Super creative, easy to understand, inspiring and very professional! I highly recommend her! Thank you Rose!

Alexandra Parker


I have asked Rose to help me with a business writing task and got an amazing result. The piece was creative and exactly what I wanted. Very grateful. Thank you Rose.

Tanisha Fourie

Personal Trainer

When a copywriter engages a fellow copywriter to craft their own sales page, you can expect they’ll be quality, right?

I approached Rose to write the copy for my eBook sales page because, like most business owners, I struggled to find the right words that would wholly communicate my product’s unique value – being so close to it, I needed Rose’s external perspective (and time) to help me articulate a clear and convincing not-so-humble brag. She nailed it, obviously.

Highly recommend Rose if you have a head jammed with ideas but need an expert to help you unjumble them for copy you know will convert.

Kelly Stone

Content Writer & Strategist, Craft My Content

I had the pleasure of helping Rose bring together an illustration for her personal brand, she was looking for something that related to a particular process, which I understood fully. She was a delight to communicate with and allowed for creative ideas to be considered. Amazing at giving feedback, which is so important in jobs like this. Thank you Rose, I hope to work with you again!

Nik Jones

Brand & Marketing Graphic Designer, Hello I'm Nik Design

We’ve worked with Rose across a number of projects with different requirements and styles.

Rose can adapt to each job, taking into consideration who it’s being written for, why it’s being written and where it will be placed. These include guides, press releases and website content.

I’d recommend Rose to anybody requiring top-quality work delivered on time, every time.

James McCaffrey

Marketing Manager, TotallyMoney

Rose has been instrumental in supporting the organisation’s communication strategy. From the provision of personal biographies to fine-tuning of the company’s internal and external messaging, Rose has been a keen driver of this transformation.

With a bubbly personality and ‘can do’ attitude it has been a pleasure having her as part of the team. Thank you Rose!

Stephen Richards

Sales Director, Equate Technologies

I hired Rose to help me with SEO optimised blog copy. Time poor, I wanted an experienced copywriter who understood what I needed. The copy was well written, but more importantly for my needs, it was well researched. I was able to share with the relevant audience without any further changes.

Rose was great to work with. A true copywriting professional. I found the whole experience refreshing. Rose has a great step by step process to get you to where you want to be. With this in mind, I’d recommend Rose to businesses who need well-written copy designed for your individual audience.

Brogan Renshaw

Director, Firewire Digital

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Rose on some SEO copywriting projects over the last few months. Rose has been so easy to work with — she consistently delivers projects on time (or earlier), meets every brief, and her content is always well researched and polished. Plus, she has a knack for adding just the right dose of personality and humour to bring a piece of content to life.

I’d happily recommend Rose to anyone looking for a copywriter who’s lovely, professional, easy to work with, and writes top quality content. 

Angela Rodgers

B2B Website Copywriter & Content Writer

I hired Rose to help with all of my website copy. As a small business, I know having copy that’s the best it can be is important for connecting with potential clients and for SEO (the nature of my own business). At the same time, I was looking for someone I could partner with and recommend for copy. What better way to find someone great than to hire them for my own website? And I have to say, it was the best thing I could have done.

In terms of working with Rose, she is awesome. She’s a real person who cares about the work being done and the person it’s being done for. And her work is well researched! And SEO friendly! What could be better for an SEO company than a person who writes with SEO in mind?

I now have awesome copy that reflects my brand and what I can provide for my clients. I loved how Rose “got” my brand and was able to bring it to life through the copy. As a result, it’s more defined.

The whole experience was so smooth — the workflow was utterly easy considering how many pages and deliverables were in the pack I purchased. Very impressive!

Barb Davids

Owner, Compass Digital Strategies

I collaborated with Rose on a WordPress/Shopify integration for an international client and I can thoroughly recommend Rose’s copywriting and content marketing skills. When I accepted the brief I was pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail in Rose’s documentation. Her background as a journalist is evident in the quality of her writing. She looked into the client’s SEO strategy and used that to inform the copy and several calls-to-action. Rose also made my role as web designer a whole lot easier by suggesting a design layout for the content she had produced.

Rose is organised, approachable and always responded to queries in a timely manner. I’d love to work with Rose again and would highly recommend her.

Diana Domenech

Website Design & Development, Dianalytix

We worked with Rose on a number of projects and were delighted with the results. Her turnaround on work was rapid and always of the very highest standard.

Mark Moloney

Former Head of Brand & Communications, TotallyMoney

Rose has been a pleasure to work with and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again. Her copy injects businesses with much-needed personality, is engaging to read, and always meets the deadline. Highly recommended.

Martin Clarke

Copywriter, TotallyMoney

The only painful thing about working with Rose is that she’s a hard task master. But truly, this is actually a good thing. 

Rose helped us with website copy, copy editing and social media. It was taking me a long time to produce content for my website. With the little time I had available, my writing tended to lack flow and often included technical jargon. I was having trouble stepping outside my own perspective and understanding what is important to the audience I am trying to reach.

With Rose on board, I quickly saw the impact of her writing style on the content we were producing. She has a talent for creating a friendly and approachable tone consistently, across all our content. The voice she creates is fresh and actively speaks to our audience.

Our bounce rate and session duration instantly improved and clients started to explore our site further.

One thing I liked about working with Rose is that she made the whole process fun and enjoyable. She is a great listener and asks the right questions to find out what makes us different. As a result, I found the whole experience a lot easier than I had expected. I had never worked with a copywriter before — should have started years ago!

I would recommend Rose to businesses who need a fresh and conversational voice in their content, that appeals to a broad population.

Luke Christensen

Dentist & Director, Keppel Dental

I hired Rose to help me with my website copy and email marketing, because I was unhappy with my existing copy. Thanks to Rose, I now have a website I’m proud to refer people to.

Rose asked for ‘one thing’ I liked about working with her, but there’s certainly more than one!

She’s organised in her thought process, which reflects in the way she delivers work. She takes the time to offer clear and detailed answers to my questions. I also like that Rose gives honest advice that’s good for my business and not only to please me. Finally, I feel that she’s genuine and truly cares about growing my business.

The crib sheets were like the “icing on the cake” to her wonderful service. Rose did not have to provide them and I surely did not expect them, but I can see how valuable they are.

I’m very happy working with Rose and feel like I can come back to her anytime for honest advice and service. I would recommend Rose to businesses who need honest and dependable service for website copy.

Lama Zibdeh

Founder & CEO, Home Synchronize

Cor blimey!

The happy clients keep coming!

I’m blushing furiously and very humbled by all the compliments clients swing my way. Read enough?

We hired Rose to help us with our website copy. As a dental practice, we wanted our copy to look professional, but also when dentists write about dental topics it’s very easy to get too jargony and long winded. So we needed Rose to help us make dental topics understandable and interesting.

The outcome of working with Rose is a website that looks professional and includes content that I think people will actually read, understand and get something out of.

During our collaboration I loved being able to send her my mish-mash of words and receiving it back reworked into something that made sense and sounded great. I also think that without Rose, we would be nowhere near as close to finishing the website as we are now. We’ve appreciated her pushing us along and giving us deadlines (even though we are terrible at keeping them), and liaising with the developers.

I found the whole experience to be great! Having never worked with a copywriter before, I had no idea the difference it could make to the end product. With that said, I would recommend Rose to businesses who need copy that stands out, that’s not boring or run of the mill.

Lyndsey Browne

Dentist, Keppel Dental

Knowing we wanted a more extensively researched article than usual, and having worked with Rose before, I knew she’d be the right person to commission for the SEO copywriting we needed.

The blog posts have just this week gone onto the website and have already been garnering lots of views. One is in a top 10 spot for unique pageviews, above some of our products! While working with Rose, she took my feedback onboard and understood exactly what I was asking for. She also gently made some very useful suggestions of her own. Overall I found the whole experience very professional. I would recommend Rose to businesses who need well researched, informed blog posts with a little bit more character than your average SEO copywriting.

Charlotte Porter

Marketing Manager, Euroworkspace

From day one of working on the Asahi Customer Sales Portal Project, Rose became an integral and invaluable member of the team. She took the time to understand our business, our customers and what we were trying to achieve. Rose brought a positivity to the project that significantly contributed to the ‘can-do’ and fun loving team culture.

Incredibly, Rose was able to navigate our corporate landscape, rapidly develop relationships, garner support, develop engagement, stay ahead of project deadlines and single-handedly manage version control and the creation of our style guide.

Without Rose the project would have suffered significant delays, run significantly over budget and achieved a second rate customer experience.

I would recommend Rose to any project. She has been a delight to work, has a way with words and has even taught me a thing or two about my own writing style.

Chris Edwards

Sales Projects & Operations Manager, Asahi Premium Beverages

We needed to bring in a Copywriter who could act quickly and review content for our new website. Rose was very flexible in terms of accommodating us and did a fantastic job. The suggestions provided were very helpful in terms of communicating complex ideas and subjects to the broader community, as well as tidying up grammar and formatting our content. I even learnt things along the way! It was very easy and enjoyable to work with Rose and I would highly recommend her! Thank you!

Sandra Cutic

Former Project Delivery Consultant, Forefront Analytics

It turns out, the hardest part of writing a book is the back cover. Imagine condensing the best part of 100,000 words into one paragraph and five bullet points that can make the difference between clarity and a sale, or not. Rose helped me with valuable Skype and email sessions to achieve this result ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend her services to both companies and independent writers.

Byron Johnston

Musician and Author

Rose worked with our team for four weeks during a busy period. She was an invaluable asset during this time, assisting us with a variety of writing and editing tasks. Working quickly and across different topics, from travel to power tools, Rose delivered consistently high-quality articles. I’m very appreciative that she was able to lend us her expertise and vibrant personality.

Kyle Manning

Head of Content, Search Factory | iProspect

Moving the Harmony brand from high-street to online was a huge task. Rose played a key role in helping with this transition. As a new venture, we relied on her to define our online tone-of-voice across the website, email marketing, and social media platforms. Her organisational skills were also a great asset, setting up a content calendar so we could make the most of planned campaigns. Rose also took on day-to-day tasks to help grow the brand’s visibility; from writing thousands of product pages, to producing original, informative and captivating blog features. We knew we could rely on Rose to produce SEO content that spoke to Harmony’s target audience, but also remained on-brand and satisfied the search engines.

Simon Pope

Head Buyer, Harmony Store

Rose has a great ability to write for the consumer. Whilst working at easyProperty I could count on her to provide appealing content that engaged the reader, but didn’t sacrifice the priorities of the business. Her copy is always well thought out and she’s able to articulate why she’s made the decisions she has. One of Rose’s strengths is her ability to get on with a variety of personalities, making her a valuable team player when collaborating with other writers and designers.

Eliza Allen

Former Head of Marketing, easyProperty

A very nice review and delivered professionally and on time. I can heartily recommend Rose’s services.

Alison Winn

Founder, Girls Afternoon Tea

I’ve worked with Rose for over two years and have always found her motivated and professional. There isn’t any task that she wouldn’t take on and put 100% into it. 

When I started my own PPC agency I needed help with the content for my business website – I’m not a writer. Rose took the stress out of this for me by writing and editing my website copy.

She even managed to make something that’s typically quite boring and technical, sound fun and interesting. Through her writing she managed to capture the personality and tone of voice that I wanted to create.

I would highly recommend Rose for copy and content marketing.

Josephine Phipps

Managing Director, Illuminate Digital

Rose was responsible for the “What’s On” section of the website and always submits copy reliably and well in advance of the deadline. 

She shows excellent awareness of the website’s readership in her selection of relevant and interesting events for inclusion, and also has a lively and appropriate writing style.

Rose has also covered a wide range of news for The City Planter, and has shown lots of initiative in finding stories, developing strong angles and securing interviews. She has also covered a variety of talks, events and shows including the RHS Chelsea flower show 2012 including texts to feed through for live tweets, updating the news and getting interviews with some of the show’s winners.

Rhiannon and Dru James

Editor and Deputy Editor, The City Planter

I rely on Rose to produce whip-smart copy that’s wry, sexy and thought-provoking. Brimming with ideas, funny and fearless in matters of sex, she’s wrestled trade secrets from porn stars and sex workers and illuminated modern sexual manners with an unblinking look at her own intimate experiences.

Jim Harris

Former Editor, Escort Magazine

Rose Crompton has consistently produced thoroughly researched, well-written, entertaining and original features in a number of different house styles over the 5+ years I’ve worked with her. She’s one of the first journalists I think of when I’m in a commissioning role because she’s full of great ideas, has never missed a deadline, and it’s a pleasure to work with her.

Emily Dubberley

Journalist & Author

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