About Rose Crompton

A bubbly, upbeat, curious content writer who wants you to have copy you're proud of

People fascinate me.

Their stories, their quirks, how they speak, how they’re different…

A good dose of people watching makes me as happy as a goth in winter.

Admitting that I’m a serial people watcher who happily chats to friendly strangers feels a little weird so early in our conversation. But it’s important you understand being a people person is a useful skill for a professional content writer.

It’s how I make sure your website, blog and email copy connects with your audience.

After all, the reason you’re thinking of hiring me is that you’re worried your business words don’t sound quite right. And no matter how many times you rehash each sentence, it’s still just not… You.

The last thing you want is people getting the wrong impression.

And by “people” I mean your precious, wonderful customers.

You need the help of someone who’s fascinated by people. Someone who’s interested in you, your business and your client. Someone who turns that curiosity into well-structured copy.

Well, grab a drink and settle in because we should talk.

I’m all those things and according to my clients, I’m decent at what I do.

I now have awesome copy that reflects my brand and what I can provide for my clients. I loved how Rose “got” my brand and was able to bring it to life through the copy. As a result, it’s more defined.

Barb Davids

Owner, Compass Digital Strategies

She took the time to understand our business, our customers and what we were trying to achieve. Rose brought positivity to the project that significantly contributed to the ‘can-do’ and fun loving team culture.

Chris Edwards

Sales Projects & Operations Manager, Asahi Premium Beverages

Why do I love my job?

I’ve been writing professionally since 2009. Back then I was called ‘a journalist’ and wrote articles for print magazines (remember those?) that spoke to their ‘readership’.

Being a journo taught me essential stuff like handling time around deadlines and working with a shoestring budget.

Business often involves making tough calls on how you spend both of those precious assets. I understand that. But those experiences aren’t what make me a good writer.

What makes me a good content writer is that above aaaallllll else, I’m nosy as fu really inquisitive.

Unleash my journo skills and I’ll hunt out the stories, information and content that actually appeals to your audience.

It will be:

  • factually accurate,
  • engaging and entertaining, and
  • sound like you.

Having written for many different titles and brands over the years, I’m a dab-hand at switching up my style.

Take a look at my portfolio and you’ll see how adaptable I am.

I make sure I get you

That’s how I translate your awesomeness into language your audience understands.

(And really, really likes.)

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This bit is for those of you who are as nosy as I am. You want the backstory? This is it…

In 2002 my school’s Careers Advisor told me I’d never be a writer. “It’s too competitive,” she said. “Think of an alternative,” she told me. Lucky for you lot, I listened to a lot of heavy metal (still do), kept hold of my non-conformist goth roots (I dress in black and purple a lot), rebelled, and did it anyway.

Turns out I’m pretty good at writing.

I’ve achieved a BA (Hons) in Writing for Media, scored a job at a national women’s lifestyle magazine, been editor of a digital magazine, and I hold a Diploma in Copywriting, which I passed with Distinction.

Writing to engage and entertain drives me. Someone giving up their precious time to read copy I’ve crafted is special.

I never take that for granted.

So when I write your copy I work hard. I research your audience. I people watch. The words and messages are considered and chosen carefully. I want your customers, your audience, to read your content and come away knowing that it was time well spent.

This means you get the most out of your investment.

My approach is (as my clients like to say) how I “get you.” It’s how I’ve written copy that has quadrupled audiences, attracted over quarter-of-a-million organic traffic customers from one article, and increased website views by 107 percent.

Not bad, eh?

And I’ve picked up these stamps of approval along the way.

Are we a match?

Someone once called me their “personality pedagogue”. After looking up “pedagogue” I feel this is a compliment. It means no matter what industry you’re in, I’ll make sure your copy is full of life and energy.

While I’m not currently tied to one particular industry, my writing style suits some businesses better than others.

So, you might be a freelance digital marketer, or an adult industry professional.

You might be an alternative commerce business, or a craft beer brewer.

Or you might do something I never even knew existed as a professional thing. In which case, I’m all ears!

Being my dream client is more about your attitude towards your business and customers rather than what you do.


If you care about your messaging and you’re ready to engage your audience, let’s partner up.

Happy clients say nice things

“The outcome of working with Rose is a website that looks professional and includes content that I think people will actually read, understand and get something out of.

During our collaboration I loved being able to send her my mish-mash of words and receiving it back reworked into something that made sense and sounded great.”

Lyndsey Browne

Dentist, Keppel Dental

“Rose has been a pleasure to work with and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again. Her copy injects businesses with much-needed personality, is engaging to read, and always meets the deadline. Highly recommended.”

Martin Clarke

Copywriter, TotallyMoney

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Rose on some SEO copywriting projects over the last few months. Rose has been so easy to work with — she consistently delivers projects on time (or earlier), meets every brief, and her content is always well researched and polished. Plus, she has a knack for adding just the right dose of personality and humour to bring a piece of content to life.

I’d happily recommend Rose to anyone looking for a copywriter who’s lovely, professional, easy to work with, and writes top quality content.” 

Angela Rodgers

B2B Website Copywriter & Content Writer

I hired Rose to help me with SEO optimised blog copy. Time poor, I wanted an experienced copywriter who understood what I needed. The copy was well written, but more importantly for my needs, it was well researched. I was able to share with the relevant audience without any further changes.

Rose was great to work with. A true copywriting professional. I found the whole experience refreshing. Rose has a great step by step process to get you to where you want to be. With this in mind, I’d recommend Rose to businesses who need well-written copy designed for your individual audience.

Brogan Renshaw

Director, Firewire Digital

We’ve worked with Rose across a number of projects with different requirements and styles.

Rose can adapt to each job, taking into consideration who it’s being written for, why it’s being written and where it will be placed. These include guides, press releases and website content.

I’d recommend Rose to anybody requiring top-quality work delivered on time, every time.

James McCaffrey

Marketing Manager, TotallyMoney

Work with a copywriter who wants you to have an easier business life