Can this journalist turned content marketer really help your business?

As a professional content marketer and copywriter, I build relationships between small-medium brands and their target audience. It sounds fluffy. And not everyone’s into it, but the bottom line is:

The work I do is the conversation between those humans who do (or could) love you, and your business.

In practical terms, I uncover who your audience is and find the best way to talk to them so they’re attracted to whatever you’re selling or offering. I nail this for my clients by listening to you and your audience. Next, I draw up a workable plan of action for your engaging blogsemails and website content that satisfies your business priorities and the needs of your audience.

Why do I love my job?

Well, I’ve been doing this kind of thing since 2009. But back then I was called ‘a journalist’ and wrote articles for print magazines (remember those?) that spoke to their ‘readership’.

The benefit of working with me is that I’m used to deadlines. I understand how precious time and budget can be, so I won’t waste it. But above aaaallllll else, I’m nosy as fu super inquisitive.

See, the thing about working with me is that I’ll be using my journo skills to hunt out the stories, information and content that actually appeals to your audience. It will be:

  • factually accurate,
  • super engaging and
  • sound like you.

Having written for many different titles and brands over the years, I’m a dab-hand at switching up my style so I nail your tone of voice. Take a look at my portfolio and you’ll quickly see how adaptable I am.

I make sure I get you because that’s how we translate your awesomeness into a language your audience understands.

(And really, really likes.)

REVEALED: The benefits of being a rebel

This bit is for those of you who are as nosy as I am. You want the backstory? This is it…

In 2002 my school’s Careers Advisor told me I’d never be a writer. “It’s too competitive,” she said. “Think of an alternative,” she told me. Lucky for you lot, I listened to a lot of heavy metal (still do), kept hold of my non-conformist goth roots (I dress in black and purple a lot), rebelled, and did it anyway.

Turns out I’m pretty good at writing. The first clue was achieving a BA (Hons) in Writing for Media.

The second clue was securing a job at a national women’s lifestyle mag in the UK (more on that in a mo) within the first month of graduating. No easy feat in London. During a recession. (Yeah, I just gave my own trumpet a little toot.)

It was here I cut my journalistic teeth and I’m 82.3 per cent sure this is why I rock at creating content for email newsletters, blogs and websites.

Writing to entertain is a big driving force for me. As a writer, knowing someone has given up their precious time to read copy you’ve crafted (in whatever form) is very special. 

This is why, when I’m putting your copy together, I’m working hard to complete the research and choose the words that are relevant to your audience. I want them to read your content and come away from it feeling satisfied that it was time well spent. 

To hit that mark, I’m not afraid to ask questions as I get to know you and your business. It’s how you’ll get the content you need to attract and retain your customers.

Which leads me to the third and final clue that I’m a good writer: I’ve written stuff that has quadrupled audiences, attracted over quarter-of-a-million potential customers (all organic traffic and just from one article) and hold a Diploma in Copywriting, passed with Distinction.

Not bad, eh?

And I’ve picked up these stamps of approval along the way.

The one thing my clients have in common

Apart from being amazing (because they all are)

The clients who get the absolute most out of me want personality-driven content.

They’re not afraid to roll with something that offers a little more character and isn’t always run of the mill. Go with this and you’ll get content that folks will actually read, understand and find useful.

My happy clients come from a range of B2C and B2B industries, including:

  • Digital agencies
  • Cyber security
  • Lifestyle and adult
  • Property
  • Travel
  • Healthcare.

If you’re passionate about what you do, care about your messaging and ready to engage your audience, let’s partner up.

Happy Clients say the nicest things… 

“The outcome of working with Rose is a website that looks professional and includes content that I think people will actually read, understand and get something out of.

During our collaboration I loved being able to send her my mish-mash of words and receiving it back reworked into something that made sense and sounded great.”

Lyndsey Browne

Dentist, Keppel Dental

“Rose has been a pleasure to work with and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again. Her copy injects businesses with much-needed personality, is engaging to read, and always meets the deadline. Highly recommended.”

Martin Clarke

Copywriter, TotallyMoney

I hired Rose to help with all of my website copy. In terms of working with Rose, she is awesome. She’s a real person who cares about the work being done and the person it’s being done for. And her work is well researched! And SEO friendly! What could be better for an SEO company than a person who writes with SEO in mind?

I now have awesome copy that reflects my brand and what I can provide for my clients. I loved how Rose “got” my brand and was able to bring it to life through the copy. 

The whole experience was so smooth — the workflow was utterly easy considering how many pages and deliverables were in the pack I purchased. Very impressive!”

Barb Davids

Owner, Compass Digital Strategies

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