People don’t fall in love with beige-sounding, “that’ll do” brands

Relationships are tough and getting your audiences’ affection isn’t easy. Half-arsed website content, after-thought emails and bog-standard blogs do more harm than good. In short: fudge up your content marketing and you’re messing up your chances to score with your audience.

Great content shows your audience that YOU’RE WORTH listening to

From the first line on your homepage to product descriptions and blogs, people are checking you out (*wink, wink*). Their time is precious. They don’t want to waste it, so of course they’re going to leave your site if it’s full of snooze-fest copy (I’m with them!).

You need to make them giddy. They should be saying, “Ooh, I never knew that! Thanks [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE], you’ve just made my life a little easier”.

And that’s why content marketing is so gosh-darn important. 

Content marketing is a slow burn strategy, but get it right and you’ll have your customer’s heart forever. Screw it up and it’s hard to win them back.

I mean, 71 per cent of your competitors know this. It’s why they’re investing in content marketing already.

OK, so maybe you’re aware of the theory, — clear website messaging, interesting blogs, a growing email list, and regular social media posts — but you’re busy! And writing is hard. So, although you know quality content’s worth its weight in gold, because it returns results, establishes you as an authority and brings in brand loyalty, you simply don’t know where to start. Not to mention a lack of time.


Enter, me. I’m Rose…

A content and copy writer. I love building relationships between brand and target audience. I do this using my inquisitive journo skills, writing talents and your tone-of-voice. I then add some SEO wizardry, because I like my stuff to be read. Not ignored.


The Back Story (so you know I’m not a flash in the pan!)

I’m a minor rebel*. In 2002 my school’s Careers Advisor told me I’d never be a writer. “It’s too competitive,” she said. “Think of an alternative,” she told me. Lucky for you lot, I listened to a lot of heavy metal (still do), kept hold of my non-conformist goth roots (I dress in black and purple a lot), rebelled, and did it anyway.

Turns out I’m pretty good at writing. Just take a look at my portfolio.

My background’s in journalism and feature writing. This is why I rock at creating content for email newsletters, blogs and websites. My writing is entertaining and (most importantly) I make sure it’s relevant to your audience. I’m not afraid to ask difficult questions to create the content you need to attract and retain your customers.

Content writer for the erotic trade…and more

My interest in all things adult happened during my stint at Scarlet magazine. The erotic industry’s my niche, but as a professional copy and content writer I’m skilled-up to the nines so can easily adjust my writing skills to suit your industry and brief. Just ask my previous, super varied clients.

A deal breaker: I’m not looking to work with companies that want to be seen as a one-night-stand to their customers. If all you care about is wrangling money from people, we won’t work out. I need you to be passionate about what you do, care about your messaging and want to engage your audience.

Work with a copywriter that loves

building relationships 

Let’s talk content and strategy

*I say “minor rebel” because ignoring my high-school Careers Advisor isn’t exactly the gesture of a serious anarchist. Haven’t we all been there?