Which content marketing and copywriting services do you need?

You’re here because you’re ready to get to know your audience and potential customers better. You’re done making eyes at them from across the internet. You’re ready to march right up to them and strike up a conversation.

Well let’s go get ‘em!

Specialising in a range of content marketing and copywriting, here’s a run-down of the services I offer and how they engage your audience to build that all-important relationship.

Select the service most relevant to you to tell me a bit more about your project.

Website Copywriting

Huzzah! You’re launching a new website for your business or product (exciting times!) but you need some words for your Home page, About Us page, and beyond. These pages have to sum up who you are, what you’re offering, be SEO’d and make a convincing case as to why people should become your customer.

Oh, site! This is what I need!

UX Dashboard/Member Area Messaging

Don’t let your tone of voice slip when it comes to user dashboards and member-only areas. Ensure consistency across your site with tailored UX messages and notifications that reflect the user’s journey.

Gimmie non-dull d’board messaging

Bespoke Site Content Critique

Cheaper than a site rewrite and ideal for those that love to write their own content, but fancy having a professional cast an eye over it. I’ll flag up any content no-no’s that may have slipped in (like pesky duplicate content, SEO mishaps, or typos) and give you content marketing tips tailored to your site. It’s up to you which you implement, so you keep total control over the content that makes it onto your site.

Please look at my site. LOOK AT IT!

Blog Content

Blogging. I love it. Many business owners don’t, because a) it’s time consuming and b) ARGH! Blank page! Whether you fancy a one-off blog to freshen up your site, or want something more long-term to really strengthen that brand/customer relationship and your authority, I’ve got SEO’d blog packages to fit every bill.

Ah, blog it! Gimme this!

Email Newsletters

Keep your customer relationships hot and alive, by sending regular, interesting and useful email newsletters (no, that doesn’t mean stuffing it with products). We’ll work out what you should put in your newsletters and how often you should be sending them.

Newsworthy newsletters? Yes, please!

Automated Emails

Welcome series, abandoned basket series, ordering series — nope, these aren’t dull titles of new box sets to hit Netflix. They’re automated email series that you should be sending to your customers. If they’re not in place then…

Let’s get serial!

Proofreading & Copyediting

Keep your content consistent across your website, emails and blogs. Of course I’ll be on the lookout for grammar and spelling mishaps (they happen to all of us), but I’ll also make sure your tone of voice flows smoothly and that your content is concise.

Error-proof my content, please!

Not seeing the type of content marketing you need?

I’ve also been known to dabble in:
• Sales landing pages
• Product description creation
• Sales emails
• Video scripts
• Social media advertising content
• Postcards and direct mail marketing (print)
Yep, I need one of these other things