Got something you want to say? But unjumbling your thoughts and ideas is proving tricky?

Make use of my content marketing and copywriting services.

Businesses in the drink, health, adult, and digital marketing industries put my copywriting services to good use.

It’s helped them sell more product, attract the right people to their company and improve their analytics.

“We hired Rose to help us with our website copy. As a dental practice, we wanted our copy to look professional, but also when dentists write about dental topics it’s very easy to get too jargony and long winded. So we needed Rose to help us make dental topics understandable and interesting.

The outcome of working with Rose is a website that looks professional and includes content that I think people will actually read, understand and get something out of.

I found the whole experience to be great! Having never worked with a copywriter before, I had no idea the difference it could make to the end product. With that said, I would recommend Rose to businesses who need copy that stands out, that’s not boring or run of the mill.”

Lyndsey Browne

Dentist, Keppel Dental

Pick a service

The Tasting Paddle

Copywriting project essentials, then choose either a website page or a blog article. All without breaking the bank.

Ideal for: Businesses who have never worked with a professional copywriter before. Fellow freelancers and small business owners.

Blog Articles

Choose a pack of six or 12 blog articles. Original and engaging content that helps your customers, provides value and develops an ongoing conversation with your audience.

Ideal for: Time-poor business owners, folks who really dislike writing stuff but need articles to post and share as part of their content marketing plan.

Website Content

Spruce up your website so it clearly says who you are, what you do and why you’re the better option. You should have (or want) a three-page website, minimum. Then the sky’s the limit!

Ideal for: Folks who want copy for a multi-page website.

Automated Email

Strengthen your emails so you capture the attention of people who have chosen to hear from you.

Ideal for: Companies that send automated emails, such as ‘Welcome to my list’, nurture sequences and abandoned cart emails.

Not seeing the content marketing you need?

I’ve also dabbled in:

  • Sales landing pages
  • Video scripts
  • Writing product descriptions
  • Sales emails
  • Postcards and direct mail marketing (print)