Affordable copywriting service for your freelance or small business

Quality copywriting services aren’t cheap.

Luckily, you’ve discovered The Tasting Paddle — a fine balance of quality and affordable copywriting service, crafted for my fellow freelancers and small business owners.

It’s about trying it and seeing if you like it

Just like you wouldn’t go to a pub and order a whole pint of something you haven’t sampled The Tasting Paddle is the same.

But with copywriting, rather than beer.

This affordable service is your chance to test the waters and see the difference professionally written content can have on your business.

Differences such as how you feel about your business.

The amount of time you save.

The words and phrases you use when talking about your services or company.

And how your audience engages with your content.

All without blowing your budget.

What’s on offer

The services chosen for The Tasting Paddle is based on what my clients find most useful and what’s budget-friendly.

The Tasting Paddle is:

20-minute discovery and briefing call

Summary of your brand's tone of voice


Start of your Copy House Style Guide

Then choose 

Tap A

A well-balanced 300-word website page of your choice.

Tap B

A refreshingly original 600-word blog article

Whichever one you go for you’ll also get one free round of edits and image suggestions.

What’s it like drinking working with me?

I hired Rose to help with all of my website copy. As a small business, I know having copy that’s the best it can be is important for connecting with potential clients and for SEO (the nature of my own business). At the same time, I was looking for someone I could partner with and recommend for copy. What better way to find someone great than to hire them for my own website? And I have to say, it was the best thing I could have done.

Barb Davids

Owner, Compass Digital Strategies

Rose was great to work with. A true copywriting professional. I found the whole experience refreshing. Rose has a great step by step process to get you to where you want to be. With this in mind, I’d recommend Rose to businesses who need well-written copy designed for your individual audience.

Brogan Renshaw

Director, Firewire Digital

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Rose on some SEO copywriting projects over the last few months. Rose has been so easy to work with — she consistently delivers projects on time (or earlier), meets every brief, and her content is always well researched and polished. Plus, she has a knack for adding just the right dose of personality and humour to bring a piece of content to life.

I’d happily recommend Rose to anyone looking for a copywriter who’s lovely, professional, easy to work with, and writes top quality content. 

Angela Rodgers

B2B Website Copywriter & Content Writer

How it works

1. Put your order in

Complete this quick form to let me know what you’d like in your tasting paddle . I’ll follow up with start date details, booking in your briefing call and my payment terms.


2. Your briefing call

During your 20-min call I’ll walk you through my briefing questions. We’ll discuss your business, your audience, pain points, ambitions for this copy and more. This bit is always fun and interesting.


3. Brewing your copy

This is the part where I stick on my music and write your article or about page. You’ll get a first draft within 2-3 days of our briefing call and I’ll invite you to give feedback for your one free round of edits, which I’ll implement. (It’s OK, I’m thick-skinned!)


4. Ready for serving

With changes made I’ll send the document to you again for a final check over and sign off. Sign off is when we both agree it’s ready for public consumption. Any final bits are tidied up so you get a nice clean copy.

5. Closing your tab

At project end I’ll flick you the final invoice. As soon as this is paid the copy is all yours. You’re free to post it, share it, or hand it to a designer to layout.

Crafting an affordable copywriting service that suits what you need, for now

The Tasting Paddle is ideal if you’ve never worked with a professional copywriter before.

Or if you’re saving up for a full copy revamp but want something that gets the ball rolling.

That’s cool. You can have that.

You get all the essentials I know a successful copywriting project needs, plus the services my clients tell me they get the most value from.

  • 20 minute discover briefing call
  • Summary of your brand’s tone of voice
  • The beginnings of your Copy House Style Guide
  • A 300-word website page OR a 600-word blog article
  • One free round of edits and image suggestions provided, whichever you choose

These little tasters allow me to work efficiently, so getting professionally written copy into your business is swift.

It also gives you a flavour of what it’s like working with a professional copywriter.

What makes this an affordable copywriting service?

The price of course, which compared to my other services is much lower.

Investment for the Tasting Paddle


This service is designed for my fellow freelancers and small businesses.

It gets you started with a professional copywriter without smashing your budget.

Take your place

It’s not quite standing room only in my schedule, but it’s getting close.

Make sure your Tasting Paddle makes it into my work calendar this month.

Answer 10 questions about your business and what we’re working on.

I’ll follow up with an email and send you the link you need to book your 20-minute call with me.

It’s that easy.