The very flexible and delightfully affordable copywriting service

Great copywriting services aren’t cheap. Luckily, you’ve discovered The Tasting Paddle—the copywriting service that’s affordable and delivers high-quality writing to support your online marketing. (Think website, short email, ☂️directory advert, or personal bio.)

It’s been specially crafted for my fellow freelancers, sole traders, and small business owners.

Try it. And see if you like it

Just like you wouldn’t go to a pub and order a whole pint of something you haven’t sampled The Tasting Paddle is the same.

But with copywriting, rather than beer.

This affordable service is your chance to test the waters and see the difference professionally written content has on your business.

Differences such as how you feel about your business.

The amount of time you save.

The words and phrases you use when talking about your services or company.

And how your audience engages with your content.

All without blowing your budget.

What’s on offer

45-60 minute briefing call on Zoom

Branded tone of voice summary


Start of copy house style guide

300 words of copy (or a tad more)

For you to use wherever you want. In emails, on your social media, on adverts, on your website… Repurpose it online to suit your needs.


What’s it like drinking working with me?

“She was prompt, friendly, encouraging and very clear in all of her advice.”


“Responsive, enthusiastic and an utter pleasure to work with.”


“Super creative, easy to understand, inspiring and very professional.”


“Highly recommend Rose if you have a head jammed with ideas but need an expert to help you unjumble them.”


“What I loved about working with Rose was her down-to-earth personality.”


“Rose adapts to each job, taking into consideration who it’s being written for, why, and where it will be placed.”


“She has raised the bar for my future expectations for any contractors I work with.”


“Her copy is well thought out and she’s able to articulate why she’s made the decisions she has.”


I hired Rose to help with website copy for my business. I was struggling with avoiding clichés, telling a story without waffling, and simply feeling happy with what I’d written. Before Rose I’d re write my copy every 2 months! I was always unhappy with it!

The outcome of working with Rose has been a blessed relief and a website that bizarrely finally sounds like me. What I liked best about working with Rose was her research into my brand, my personality and my natural vocabulary.

The whole experience was easy and strangely exciting to finally have words that reflect who I am.

I’d recommend Rose to businesses who want to stand out and sound like ‘you’ in an industry full of people who all sound like each other.

Kio Jones

Independent Escort

I booked Rose’s Tasting Paddle service and used it to get the about page written for my website. Trying to write it myself was proving difficult due to a lack of time and too much procrastinating that what I was writing wasn’t good enough. It was taking too long and I wanted to appear professional.

My site is yet to launch so haven’t got stats on how well the copy Rose wrote is performing, but I was very happy with the product. One thing I enjoyed about working with Rose is that she seemed to really care about the project and brought a lot of personality and fun to it. The whole experience was easy, relaxed, informative and educational.

I’d recommend Rose to businesses who need copy with wit and personality.


Independent Escort

I hired Rose to help with my website copy. She really captured my essence and how I approach companionship. Her Tone of Voice guide has helped direct all of my written communications, too. She was prompt and easy to work with at all steps of the process.

Shae Ashbury

Independent NYC companion

Rose was hired to help us with copy for our About page. SAABI have been busy establishing our ecommerce website and needed help with a consistent voice, tone and polish. The outcome of working with Rose is that SAABI have been able to, with guidance from Rose, relay to our audience the brand message with character and flair.   

Rose is able to command with confidence her amazing word-smithing talents to achieve outcome-driven copy whatever the need, be it whimsical, cheeky or assertive. The whole experience was confidence inspiring and I would recommend businesses who are thinking of hiring Rose to just do it. She’s a delight at every turn.



How it works

Booking an affordable copywriting service and working with a writer probably isn’t something you do every day. This may even be your first time.

With this in mind, and to quote Radiohead, let’s have “No surprises, please.” Here’s what to expect from first email to project sign off.

1. Place your order

Answer 10 quick questions (takes about three mins) so I know what you’d like in your tasting paddle. You’ll get an email from me within 48 hours with a start date, a link to book your briefing call and my payment terms. Confirm your order by booking your call and making the first small payment.


2. Your briefing call

I’ll walk you through my briefing questions during your 45-60-minute call. We’ll discuss your business, audience, pain points and ambitions for this copy. This bit is always fun and interesting, so please don’t feel nervous. There are no wrong answers.

3. Brewing the copy

This is the part where I turn on my music and write your copy. You’ll get a first draft 2-3 days after the briefing call and be invited to give feedback. Changes are implemented in the one free round of edits. (And it’s OK, I’m very thick-skinned.)

4. Ready for serving

After the changes are made, I’ll send the second draft document to you for a final check and sign off. Sign off is when we both agree it’s ready to serve to the public.

5. Closing your tab

The final invoice is sent once you confirm the copy is signed off. As soon as the invoice is paid, the copy is all yours. You’re post it, share it, or hand it to a designer/developer for layout.

Crafting an affordable copywriting service that suits what you need, for now

The Tasting Paddle is ideal if you’ve never worked with a professional copywriter before.

Or if you’re saving for a full copy revamp but want something that gets the ball rolling.

You get all the essentials that a successful copywriting project needs. Plus the services my clients tell me they value the most. 

These little tasters allow me to work efficiently, so getting professionally written copy into your business is swift.

It also gives you a flavour of what it’s like working with a professional copywriter.

To recap, you get…

  • 45-60 minute briefing call
  • Tone of voice summary
  • The start of your Copy House Style Guide
  • 300 words of copy (or a touch more) to use anywhere online
  • One free round of edits and image suggestions.

What makes this an affordable copywriting service?

The price of course, which compared to my other services is much lower.

Investment for the Tasting Paddle


This service is designed for my fellow freelancers and small businesses.

It gets you started with a professional copywriter without smashing your budget.

Order your Tasting Paddle

My schedule fills up fast. It’s often standing room only.

To book your project, answer the 10 quick questions.

It’s that easy.