7 reasons why I heart my clients

February 14, 2018


I don’t do Valentine’s Day with my husband. Our ‘when we got together’ anniversary is a month later, so we were like pfft. See ya later commercialised love. We’re doing our own thing, ta very much.

However, I’m not completely dead inside and thought it would be nice to share some other love and appreciation this February 14th. So here’s a listicle love letter about why my current clients are awesome and why I heart them all…

#1 They’re honest

One thing that makes my job really, really difficult is when clients aren’t open and honest about the content they want. What I heart about my lot is that they’re honest about what they want, what they definitely don’t want, what they like about their current stuff, what they hate, and what they like that they’ve seen elsewhere.

They’re honest and open with information about their customers, so I can better understand who we’re communicating with, and they’re honest with me about what they expect to achieve by using my services.

All this is the kind of info a copywriter lusts after and swoons over, because if we can get all this from you at the start of our relationship we know we can produce THE BESTEST EVER content for you.

#2 They trust and listen to me

Producing content for a company, business or individual is a real privilege. When asking me to come on board, my clients are trusting me to create copy and content that accurately captures what they’re all about and speaks to their precious, valuable, wonderful (and usually hard-won) audience.

What I heart about my clients is that they realise I’m professional writer, so they trust my judgement. But I dig that writing is subjective. I understand that sometimes how I choose to phrase something will prompt my client to question my decision. And that’s good!

It means they’re engaged and interested in the relationship being built between brand and audience.

On these occasions my lovely lot do me the courtesy of listening to my reasons for phrasing something a certain way, or choosing a particular style or method to write an article or message.

If, after that, they’re still not convinced that’s cool. We then have the pleasure of working to a middle ground, because I get it. I know I’m not right all the time, every time.

#3 They’re passionate about what they do

OMG I can’t express enough how I sometimes feel like the luckiest copy and content writer IN THE WORLD because I have a bunch of clients that genuinely love what they do.

They know their product and USPs.

They love their brand.

They have a tip-top handle on who their audience is.

They’re in it to provide a cracking experience for their audience.

It’s not only about hitting figures and sales.

I heart these clients because marketing can get a bad rap. There are some shitty writers out there helping dodgy AF people make a quick buck off an unsuspecting audience. I can’t stand refuse to work with companies like that. But before turning them away I’ll do my darndest to try and change their perspective (although there’s no helping some people).

#4 They know when to have a laugh

Hahaha, wouldn’t it be funny if we put a dinosaur on this page and stuck up some error messaging about the site getting stuck in a “time portal”? Hahahaha! Yeah…

Dinosaur GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

It’s important to not take ourselves too seriously sometimes. When you’re working with a creative there are moments when the most random ideas come out of nowhere. Sometimes — if you’re really lucky — we’ll share these ideas with you.

Like suggesting ‘quicker than a possum up a gumtree’ as a valid line in a script (true story, I really put that out there to a client).

I heart my clients, because they realise that we need to collaborate and get stuff done that’s realistically gonna fly, but they also know how to let off steam and laugh something off as a daft idea too (so grateful!).

#5 They give thoughtful feedback

As a copywriter, receiving useful, practical and constructive feedback from a client gives us the warm and fuzzies as much as having a cuppa spontaneously presented to us while still in bed and FB stalking our mates.

Almost daily, I read horror stories from writers who have had their work butchered, and the only feedback given: “I don’t like this.”

FYI, this isn’t feedback. It’s just personal preference.

I heart my clients, because if there’s a copy change needed, they’ll jump on a call, or spend some time giving me useful feedback or extra resources that will improve the copy and stop us wasting time falling into the same traps on the redraft.

A good client takes the time to explain any changes wanted and they do me the courtesy of providing their reasoning, just as I do for them. If it’s a valid and practical reason for a change, I have no issues with tweaks (love that word).

#6 They learn stuff

Yeah, I can’t explain this one. According to them (my clients) they learn things just by working with me. So that’s cool.

#7 They’re willing to be brave and try something new

Urgh. Cookie-cutter content. It’s like, a competitor does something, then everyone else in the industry jumps on the same bandwagon, because it looks and sounds like a good idea. Before long there’s a whole industry that looks and sounds exactly the same.

While I fully understand the benefits of industry conventions — it’s how potential customers can identify you and your services; certain words and phrases have proven click through rates in your indie compared to others etc, etc — don’t be afraid to break the mould.


I heart my customers because, while digging into what their brand is all about and how it should sound and speak to the customers, within reason they’re willing to try a few different things to help their content stand out.

It might be a simple phrase, how they greet customers in their communications, or an offbeat topic for their latest blog.

They understand that trying something and putting it out there is the best way to learn if it sits well with their audience. Plus, it’s the internet. Not print. It can always be tweaked and refined if needs be. No biggie.

Would you send a Valentine’s to your content writer?

No, of course you wouldn’t. Because that would be a little weird. And unprofessional.

But what I mean is, do you have a content writer that would write a post like this about you and your business?

What’s that? You don’t even have a content writer? Then how about we take you off the lonely-hearts column for businesses that haven’t found the right content writer and at least see if we’re a match.

Dropping me a line with a few details about you and the kind of content you need is cheaper than a cheap date (actually it’s free) and only takes two-minutes of commitment from you.

Sure, let’s chat

Or take a look at the content writing services I offer.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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