I’m freaking out over here, because I may have just seen THE BEST email sign up tactic. Ever. We all know that growing an email list is tough. People are shrewd when it comes to giving out their email address and who can blame them? Spam and crappy emails are (sadly) rife these days. If you’re going to throw in a pop up designed to get someone’s deets, then you better as hell make it interesting.

AND THAT is exactly what UK company LoveWoo did. (FYI – this is an adult company so possibly NSFW)

Is this the best email sign up ever?!

LoveWoo email capture

LoveWoo’s genius email sign up tactic

Roll up! Roll up! Spin the wheel for your CHANCE to win!

Is this not genius? They’ve taken the simple Wheel of Fortune concept (something everyone’s familiar with) and transformed it into a way to harvest email addresses.

It appeared as a half-screen pop up and instantly grabbed my attention. Don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly not seen a sign-up game like this.

The wheel comes with its risks. Win a discount or free delivery. These prizes would make the customer’s shopping experience all the more satisfying. But, there are no prize segments. The customer could come away with nothing.

What a thrill! And all it costs to play is your valuable email address.

Fine! If I get a hefty 25% off my bill, where do I sign up?! Sadly…

You can never beat the bandit

Obviously the wheel will be programmed in some way to only give out a certain number of discounts and winners. Much like the fruit machine in the local pub, there has to be a limit otherwise the company looses out. Although with this email sign-up strategy, the chances of LoveWoo being a winner every time is much higher.

Not only are they adding to their email list, but they’re also increasing conversion opportunities. If you won Free Delivery or 25% off your next order, would you bother going to shop anywhere else? Or would you stick around on LoveWoo’s site and take advantage of that hard-fought prize you just won? (Well, you did just give them your email address.)

I know which I’d do. And that’s why I think this is possibly the BEST email sign up box I’ve ever seen. Someone give that Marketer a medal!

Seen any unique email sign up tactics?

I’d love to know about them. Seriously. I geek out over this kind of stuff. Leave a comment with screen grab, or link to the site in question.

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