Billboards are too yesteryear for IT Movie

August 22, 2017


I’m not a fan of scary horror movies. Unfortunately, the last two times I’ve been to the cinema, I’ve been subjected to seeing the new IT Movie trailer. I’m not going to lie. It shit me up. So you can imagine my horror when I saw this artwork on the side of a Brisbane building…


“They all float down here.” IT advertising in Brissy.

After I got over my initial, “Oh ya bugger, that’s not really what I wanted to see first thing in the morning!” I was actually pretty impressed with the advertising techniques. Clearly IT isn’t being confined to billboards.

But this isn’t the first time I’ve seen an alternative street art advertising campaign in Brisbane.

Game of Thrones artwork

A couple of months ago when I was walking through the city I was stopped dead in my tracks by this epic piece of Game of Thrones artwork. Couldn’t resist tweeting it, naturally.

It was right before the new series started. Great placement on a busy street in Brisbane and obviously done by an ace street artist.

Street murals more effective than billboards?

Having lived in London and travelled through America, I’m pretty used to being bombarded by billboards. They’re drilled and plastered onto every available bit of space in the UK. Most of the time, the messages wash over me. (Sorry fellow copywriters.) Both of these murals stopped me dead in my tracks. Not just that, but I was compelled to take photos of each of them and share it on social media.

I’m sure advertising in this way isn’t cheap – cost of the artist, materials, use of the building to be painted on – but it’s bloody effective. I reckon if the opportunity is there then businesses seeking to do a promotional campaign should definitely take full advantage.

Your thoughts?

These are just a couple of examples I’ve spotted, but do you think street murals could eventually replace billboards? Leave a comment here, or tweet me @RoseC_Leic and would be super keen to see any street art advertising you’ve spotted in Australia, or beyond.



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