Let’s take a minute to appreciate the Deadpool 2 marketing

May 24, 2018


Full disclosure: I haven’t see either of the Deadpool films. Yet. Despite that, I want to spend some time gushing over the marketing for both films. It’s totally sucked me in and the last few days has seen me positively procrastinating on all things Deadpool marketing related.

When the first film was released, the only reason it really got on my radar was because of that Deadpool pegging scene. Lots of the sex writers I know, follow and admire were losing their shiz.

That piqued my interest. And from there I discovered the posters, the overtly sexual imagery and watched the trailer.

So how come I didn’t see the film?

Honestly, I think it was just down to timing. Sorry. Boring answer.

The Deadpool 2 marketing has been, just…excellent

I think for Deadpool 2, the first marketing I spotted was the Creation of Adam painting parody. Followed by the brilliant short video campaigning that Canada should get to play in the Eurovision song contest.

All brilliant. But the one that really got me was when people started Tweeting that Deadpool had ‘taken over’ DVD racks at Walmart.

At first I thought it was just someone moving the Deadpool DVDs to the front of the racks. It wasn’t until I looked a little closer that I realised, nope. They have literally reimagined the DVD sleeves with Deadpool taking front and centre on all of them.

Why it works

What got me with the DVD cases was: what a freakin’ genius way to reinvent and shift stock of older film titles. Not only is the studio promoting the new Deadpool film, but com’mon! You can’t tell me that super fans won’t be snapping these cases up as collectibles. Even if it does mean spending money on an older film. That you don’t want. That usually sits in the bargain bin.


For someone who’s not seen the films (yes, me, hello!) all this marketing combined, tells me what Deadpool is like as a character:
• A bit obnoxious
• Cocky and overconfident
• Out for a laugh
• But gets shit done.

Kinda sounds like my ideal man.

The oversaturation of superhero movies in cinemas has been building for some time. Honestly, haven’t you thought ‘Urgh, not another one’? You don’t get that with Deadpool. Because it’s different. It’s in your face. It drops the serious (at least in the marketing). It breaks so many of the genera and character conventions that it is impossible to ignore.

From the cheeky, sexual innuendo in the advertising, to the brilliance of the Deadpool franchise and Ryan Reynolds blurring the boundaries between the character and the actor. The comic world and the real world.

Do I want to see the films now? You bet I effing do! And apart from X-Men (largely thanks to Hugh ‘phwoar’ Jackman), I’m not that fussed by comic, superhero films.

And this ‘choice’ to go see it has formed purely because of the marketing. Suckered. In.

Take a read of this to see more ridiculous Deadpool 2 marketing stunts.

After all that, I don’t think there’s any point trying to plug my services. Instead, I’ll just join you at basking in the awesomeness created by some awesome marketing people.

Header image credit: Didit Putra, Flickr



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