Free copywriting services for sex workers

April 3, 2020


The world is a tough place right now for many freelance, self-employed and small business folk.

In the space of a month, I’ve seen successful friends and colleagues go from earning a comfortable amount to suddenly finding their income at zero. The saddest part is that there doesn’t seem to be a clear end in sight as to when it might pick up again.

This is worrying, especially for freelancers whose work depends on face-to-face interactions

I’m talking about comedians, artists, musicians, actors and sex workers (SWs). Social distancing and lockdown laws have made it practically impossible for these professions to continue in their normal way. And while it’s not a competition about who’s got the rawest end of the deal, I can’t help but feel that sex workers who escort, offer domination, submissive or erotic massage services, are facing challenges many other freelance creatives aren’t.

Pivoting and accessing government support funds aren’t always possible

There are exciting changes happening in many businesses to adapt to the new normal. High-end restaurants are offering take away, dine at home meals. Personal trainers are running virtual sessions. And musicians are holding weekend-long festivals online.

It’s amazing to see, but it’s not possible for every industry to so easily make a shift or claim financial support to get there.

Journalist Nichi Hodgson, has written an excellent piece for The Critic about Sex Workers and COVID-19. I urge you to read it. But to surmise, she and the SWs she interviews make two important points about why this industry is maybe doing it tougher than others.

1. There’s a fear of seeing out healthcare services and financial support because of stigma and the risk of ‘outing themselves’ to partners, family, friends or primary job employers.

2. Pivoting to go online when you have none of the setup — computer, a decent webcam, stable internet — is a huge initial outlay, especially during a time when you have no idea when you’re next likely to have a stable income.

Launching two free services for SWs is my attempt to help

Feeling frustrated that not every freelancer is being considered fairly, I thought about what I could do to help the freelance SW community. Putting some money in the pot was a start but with extra availability on the horizon (cheers COVID-19) it made sense to offer my skills to folks who need it most.

This is why I’ve launched two free copywriting services, aimed specifically at the adult industry.

The proofreading and profile review services are completely free for any adult industry professional. The offer will run until 30 June. It may be reviewed and extended beyond that date if needed and it may open up to more industries after that point. Right now though, I’d really like to help the adult industry, which is so often overlooked.

If you’re a SW and want some free copywriting advice, then get all the details on the offer and send me your request.

If you’re not an SW, but you’re reading this and want to help then please share and give me a hand promoting the service on your social channels.

Sharing sex stuff not an option? No worries. There are other ways you can show your support.

Scarlet Alliance Emergency support fund for SWs in Australia  

Donate to National Ugly Mugs to help keep UK SWs safe

SWARM donations help build a hardship fund for SWs in crisis

Of course, times are tough for many of us right now with work being lost left, right and centre. Please, look after yourselves and only donate if you’re in a position to do so.

Much love, stay safe.




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