Writing about sex toys isn’t a new thing for me. But writing about sex toys for Good Housekeeping online, is a first. And how do I feel about it? Well, a little like this…


I was writing on behalf of Harmony Store, who I’ve collaborated with and worked for, for many years now. Currently, I’ve got one ma-hoo-sive project going on with them. But providing comment to Good Housekeeping about vibrators is the latest way I’ve been able to help them secure some press coverage. Above all, adding some of my own good vibes (gnarf) to further try and normalise sex toy shopping, felt great. This is something I feel very strongly about.

What did Good Housekeeping want to know about vibrators?

Well, they’ve recently released their list of the best vibrators for 2018. Off the back of that, they put together a guide outlining the things shoppers should consider when buying their first, or next, vibrator.

The article includes tips from me and two other ‘experts’ (their word, not mine), covering:

  • Different vibe styles
  • Shopping budget and cost of a vibe
  • Why the way it looks is important and
  • Why noise can influence purchasing decisions.

Read the full article here.


As mentioned, I’ve known Harmony for some time now and have built up an excellent relationship, which started with me writing for their website and blog.

You can see some of the work I’ve done for them over the years in my portfolio.

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