Happy 2014 everyone. I hope it’s going well for you so far. A few updates from me and my website: the first is that I now have a testimonial page, where some of the editors I currently/previously worked for have been kind enough to give their honest feedback on my work. So, if you’re a commissioning editor, a CEO of a website, or a publisher and you’ve liked what you’ve seen in my portfolio, but want to know from other professionals what I’m like to work with, then they have told it like it is.

My second big news to report is that Cosmopolitan (UK) have just posted an online feature I wrote for them about sex dreams. This is my second commission for one of the UK’s biggest selling women’s consumer magazines and obviously is a great step for getting my name and writing out there.

In between all of the big, start studded commissions I’ve been getting, I’ve been writing lots on my Straight Out Of Crompton blog. Be sure to check the link (above) as it’s currently having posts added 2-3 times a week.