My copywriter superpower!

October 3, 2017


A few weeks ago, a copywriter Facebook group that I’m a member of posted a fun quiz to discover your COPYWRITER SUPERPOWER!

Could I resist clicking the link?


A genius piece of copywriting/marketing to get a bunch of new people on the Lead Quizzes website? Perhaps. But also because I’ve never taken a ‘what sort of copywriter are you?’ quiz. Well, it’s not the sort of pop quiz that’s going to turn up in Cosmo any time soon.

So, I took the quiz and here’s what I got…



I am MAGNETIC SEER! Quiver before my witty sense of humour and ability to talk to other humans in human speak! MWAHAHHAHAHAHA!

No disguise needed – my copywriter superpower fits the bill!

“Copywriter for personality driven brands”? Er, YEAH! Nail on the head many? It’s only what I build my entire business around!

Yep, I was pretty pleased with the result. I know it’s only a bit of fun, but it was interesting to read a succinct summary about my style of (and flare for) content and copywriting.

In fact, I think this sums me up way better than my current About page. Yeah. Maybe just read my Magnetic Seer profile instead and we’ll chalk my About page up to the old copywriter cliché of being totally unable to write about yourself well.



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