Why I love being a copywriter

February 19, 2020


A while back Kate Toon, the founder of The Clever Copywriting School, asked the community, “Why do you love being a copywriter?”

The challenge Kate set was for each of us to record a short video, so we could share two or three reasons that explained why each of us love what we do.

Sounded like a great idea to me. Being asked this question gave me a chance to stop and reflect on my job, what I do and who I do it for. Giving myself time to mull these points over isn’t something I do often enough.

Why do I enjoy copywriting and content marketing?

What is it about my job that makes me come back day after day?

After all, I’ve been writing professionally for over a decade now. Something is keeping me tethered to this career path.

I accepted the challenge and recorded a video explaining why I love being a copywriter and I posted this in the group.

The video here is a re-recording. The original was full of “uhms” and “errs” so I’ve tried to do a better job of leaving them out.

4 reasons why I love being a copywriter


1. The people

I’m a people person and love to chat. The years I spent working in a pub and Oxford Street shop were happy times, because I got to chat with the public all day. Granted, some conversations go better than others. But the bottom line is that people fascinate me.

This stuck during my magazine and freelance journalist days when writing features where I got to interview people were always my favourite. Now, as a copywriter, I get to meet, work for and collaborate with all kinds of people. This captivates me and keeps me interested.

2. Variety

Even though I niche in a certain style of content marketing and copywriting — website, blog and email copy — every project and business I work with is different. Project scope and requirements often change depending on what the client needs so it’s rare two jobs are every identical. This allows me to flex different skills. Sometimes it’s about turning out the copy because the client has a clear view of what they want, whereas others there’s more strategy work and hand-holding involved.

Variety also comes in the form of who my clients are. I’m not currently strictly attached to a single industry, so I get to research all sorts of different topics — from dentistry to sex work, and SEO strategies to vaping. I’m always eager to learn something new.

3. The challenges and stresses of the job

Work would be boring if everything went smoothly 100 percent of the time. And I wouldn’t learn anything. Times when projects and clients present more of a challenge are always interesting. They highlight areas for self-development and improvement. Finding paths that work around any challenges and overcoming them lets me know I’ve done my job and done it well.

Sometimes these challenges cause my stress levels to rise. A tight deadline, complex brief or project that’s wriggled with difficulties can feel like a nightmare at the time, but feeling stressed and an extra kick of adrenalin is no bad thing. For me, part of the reason I love being a copywriter is that it’s sometimes stressful. I enjoy the stress of the job. It keeps me on my toes and pushes me to be better.



4. Seeing the copy in action

I’ve been a professional writer since 2009 and I still get a thrill when I see what I’ve written being put to use, be it in magazine print, on a website, in an email or spoken in a video script. I’ll never get tired or bored when I see it “live”. I still smile the same broad smile I did when my first feature appeared in print and I get the same giddy excitement to see it in action and discover how people respond to it.

Why do you love what you do?

So there are my four reasons why I love being a copywriter. It was a fun and helpful challenge to do. It was a great chance to stop, think and remind myself why I get out of bed every morning.

Now it’s your turn. I’d like to put Kate’s question to you. Whether you’re a fellow copywriter or work in a completely different industry answer this: why do you love doing what you do?

Leave me a reply or write it up in a post for your own site. Just remember to swing the link my way when you’re done. Would love to have a read.

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