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Keppel Dental COVID-19 email outreach


How one email got 15 appointment bookings


The brief

Keppel Dental are a private dental practice in Yeppoon. When COVID-19 restrictions started to ease in Queensland, Australia, they needed an email explaining Level 2 dental restrictions to patients, and encourage them to book an appointment.

The email had three aims.

  1. To clearly and concisely explain treatments that could go ahead under eased restrictions.
  2. To reassure patients that seeing your dentist for non-emergency appointments was safe.
  3. To encourage patients to book now in case tougher restrictions were reintroduced.

What we did

Using information circulated by the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and the government I was able to get the factual, reliable information I needed. The problem was that it was written for a B2B audience, meaning it was full of long-winded sentences and technical jargon. Our email was for B2C.

As a copywriter, my priority was to ditch the jargon and communicate the meaning of ‘Level 2 restrictions’ in B2C friendly terms. And even though the email needed to inform the reader on treatment changes, it also had to encourage sales (‘book an appointment while restrictions are relaxed’).

The result

This single email resulted in 15 appointment bookings.

Of these, five were rearrangements and 10 were brand new appointments.

The email gave people three different ways to take action:  reply to the email, use the onsite chatbox or use the contact page form.

Following the success of this campaign, and with the ongoing easing of restrictions, further messaging is planned.


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