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How one ‘Ultimate Guide’ article resulted in 24 new leads

 Due to client confidentiality, some details in this project have been withheld.

The brief

Optimising business sites in highly competitive industries where most keywords are ‘hard’ or ‘very difficult’ to rank for means you need amazing copy. SEO copywriting that’s packed with well-researched information and is 100 percent original is a good way to get on Google’s radar and rank for your chosen phrase.

Ranking for a highly competitive search term was the problem my small-business client faced. A page marked for a tough keyword wasn’t performing as needed. Since its publication in 2018, the page was getting 200 views or less each month and only generated two leads in one year, a lead being someone submitting a contact form.

Missing out on a large amount of traffic linked to the search term, and therefore potential business, the client and the SEO company they hired wanted this page to perform better. This is why they commissioned me.

Collaborating with the business owner and their SEO company, it was decided that the goals for the page should be to:

  • increase search visibility for particular keywords,
  • increase site traffic and
  • get the client more leads.


What we did

To make the page work and get the edge over competitors ranking above my client, I pitched the idea of long form SEO copywriting presented as an Ultimate Guide. Since Google launched its Panda update in 2011 we know the world’s biggest search engine favours well-researched content. Studies also show that content above 1,000 words “consistently gets higher average shares and significantly higher average links.” But these weren’t the only reasons why long content would work for this project.

The keyword was very broad so there was space to cover many sub-topics and customer FAQs. A danger some businesses run into with long guide is making a topic longer than it needs to be. It’s padded with waffle in an attempt to make it longer without saying anything of value. There was no risk of that happening here.

Planning the copy I knew we could include the owner’s brand story, studies and statistics, testimonials and useful public information relating to my client’s industry. Labelling an article as an ‘Ultimate Guide’ comes with its own pressure. It has to deliver. Luckily, during the planning and research process, I could see the blend of journalistic and marketing copy elements would keep the piece engaging and informative while promoting my client’s business.

The results

 24 leads, over 1,000 more organic page views and 69% in search visibility.

The guide is 6,190 words long and when it launched in September 2019 it got the following results in its first month.

  • 1,214 page views from 1,080 people meaning prospects revisited and reread the content.
  • 24 leads (measured by people completing and submitting an on-page form) versus just two leads in nearly 12 months in the current format. That’s an increase of 169%.
  • A 69% increase in search visibility for the primary search term and a 71% increase for the secondary search term.

The page also gained a rich snippet position for the search term on Google, putting both the link to the article and some of its information at the top of page one.



The success of this project was a collaboration between myself and Compass Digital Strategies. Proofreading and editing services provided by Sharper Copy.

Header image: Merkaist on Unsplash

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