Book cover blurb

The brief

Unlocking the Music Business (UTMB) is the debut book by professional musician, Byron Johnston. I was brought on board to help edit and refine the messaging for the back cover. This proved to be quite a challenge, as the book is packed full of practical advice based on Byron’s own experiences of his globe-trotting career in the business.

By focussing on the primary target audience — musicians who wish to take their first steps towards turning professional I was able to work with Byron to cherry pick the messages and language that would really resonate with them. I then worked to make these messages as concise as possible, so they were a) scannable and b) fit within the cover’s dimensions without losing the sentiment of the messaging.

In just 260 words, the blurb successfully communicates the topics covered in UTMB, why and how the lessons in this book are tried, tested and useful, and how this book stands out from the crowd.

Read what Byron had to say about working with me.

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