Equate Technologies site rewrite

The brief

Equate Technologies are a flexible Queensland cyber security company. This means they work with a range of security technologies rather than being tied to just one. As a result, Equate clients get a cyber security setup that addresses the specific needs of the organisation.

Although Equate Technologies is a relatively young business, it’s growing quickly. They attract clients in the education, financial and government sectors.

After experiencing rapid growth, Equate wanted a website that introduced the company and gave potential clients all the need-to-knows about Equate: who they are, how their approach to cyber security is different (and why it works) and the company values. All packaged in a clear, experienced tone of voice.

So, this is why they briefed me to refresh and improve the messaging. The end goal was to rework and rewite the site copy so it supported sales and aligned with the company’s values. 

There were two main challenges during this project:

  1. Cyber security is a complicated field. Messaging needed to be clear and as jargon-free as possible. It had to be easy for busy clients to scan and understand. 
  2. The copy had to work for two very different audiences: C-suite and managerial audiences with no technical background. And fellow IT professionals with a technical background and who want to check out the technical level and skill offered by Equate.

Writing for chalk and cheese? No problem! (Gulp)

What we did

This was only going to work if I fully understood the business and how exactly they are different from their competitors. So I got into research mode, grabbed my dictaphone and interviewed the Equate technical and sales teams. Not only did this get me up to speed on the business, but gave me the opportunity to listen to the words and phrases they used to describe their products and services. 

Cyber security is not my area of expertise. So, bless them, Equate patiently answered all my questions. In fact, when it came to being able to write for the non-technical site visitors my lack of knowledge and basic understand helped. I was walking in the shoes of these ideal customers. As such, I grasped exactly how we were going to deliver the technical depth that IT professionals would be searching for, without getting bogged down in gobbledegook that would switch off the busy non-tech people. 

It’s all about the people.

Equate’s biggest strength is their people. Their technical team possesses a huge amount of knowledge across more technologies than I can count on two hands. The fact they have all this brainpower and work with these security tools everyday was the leading message. So I threaded this sentiment throughout the copy.  

I tackled the ‘chalk and cheese challenge’ by including short blurbs of the technologies and detailing the certifications held by each team member. (On the Our People page.) This satisfies the IT professionals.

For the non-techie readers, I purposefully kept any tech-talk very top line and used short, simple sentences. This helped keep complex ideas and messages easy to digest. 

To cap it off, I asked Equate employees for quotes. As the main message of the site is that the people are Equate’s biggest draw, then it makes sense we hear from them directly.


The result

Clear, concise messaging that captures the personable side of Equate and highlights their expertise. 

Turnaround time for this project was around four weeks.

Equate Technologies Homepage - By Copywriter Rose Crompton

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Equate About Page - By Copywriter Rose Crompton

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Kind word’s from Equate

Rose has been instrumental in supporting the organisation’s communication strategy. From the provision of personal biographies to fine-tuning of the company’s internal and external messaging, Rose has been a keen driver of this transformation.

With a bubbly personality and ‘can do’ attitude it has been a pleasure having her as part of the team. Thank you Rose!

Stephen Richards

Sales Director, Equate Technologies

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