Euroworkspace SEO articles


The brief

Slick, trendy and tech-friendly, Euroworkspace are a UK-based office furniture company. Unlike standard office fare, these folks find ways to make workspaces as efficient and as comfortable as possible using innovative design.

To compliment their top-notch products, they wanted some engaging, cutting-edge articles for their news section. I was commissioned to write two 1,500 word articles about modern office design and the use of big data in the workplace.

Keywords and a basic outline was provided by the client, ensuring I hit the notes the client wanted and the content would tick the required SEO boxes.

What we did

With a short deadline (about a week and a half to turn both articles around) I set about researching relevant case studies and statistics from trusted and reliable sources. Once I felt confident I understood the subject matter and had relevant evidence to include in each piece, I channelled my inner-feature journo and put fingers to keyboard.

As soon as one feature was complete, I sent it to the client and started on the second while awaiting feedback. That way we could keep a rolling system of editing and rewrites. A great system, which in this case meant we hit our deadline a couple of days early.

The result

Two factually accurate, engaging SEO feature articles which started attracting attention from the right audience the moment they were posted. “One is in a top 10 spot for unique pageviews, above some of our products!” I later heard from Charlotte Clark, the commissioning marketing manager.



“Knowing we wanted a more extensively researched article than usual, and having worked with Rose before, I knew she’d be the right person to commission for the SEO copywriting we needed.

The blog posts have just this week gone onto the website and have already been garnering lots of views. One is in a top 10 spot for unique pageviews, above some of our products! While working with Rose, she took my feedback onboard and understood exactly what I was asking for. She also gently made some very useful suggestions of her own. Overall I found the whole experience very professional. I would recommend Rose to businesses who need well researched, informed blog posts with a little bit more character than your average SEO copywriting.”

Charlotte Porter

Marketing Manager, Euroworkspace

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