Harmony Store

The brief

To replicate Harmony Store’s high-street success online, turning them into a house-hold name in UK adult ecommerce.

This was a full-time role and I was employed by the brand as content writer and editor, and PR. Starting with the Harmony Promise (the About Us) we dug deep into the heart of the brand to discover and refine their tone-of-voice across multiple platforms (product pages, newsletters, blogs, social, etc). I was responsible for creating, writing and delivering this content to customers.

At the time of launch, the key was to establish brand trust. This was achieved by utilising Harmony’s reputation on the high-street, their customer-service skills, and how long they’ve been in the business.

As this was such a huge project, allowing me to demonstrate copywriting skills across many platforms, I have divided it up in my portfolio. Please head back to my portfolio page to see more examples of my work with Harmony.

Or read what Harmony Store had to say about working with me.

Harmony - 'About Harmony Sex Shop - Harmony Store'
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